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AURORA, ILLINOIS , USA, April 29, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — vSecureLabs today announced their IAM service launch.

Every company has a diverse end-users and employee landscape, leveraging numerous devices running on multiple network architecture and having disparate applications.

That makes these complex enterprise systems the target of cybercriminals.

Again, all businesses have the hassle of satisfying the access demands and complying with the latest regulations.

Hence, managing such a complex security posture is difficult.

To render proper security and identity management for an enterprise, keeping the compliance aligned with the business requirements, IAM came as a universal security solution.

Identity and Access Management is a framework and a discipline comprising of various sub-systems that help enterprises provide the right tools, devices, etc., they need to do their jobs.

It is a state-of-the-art system that helps provide the right resource to the right individual as per their need.

IAMs are cybersecurity solutions that enable enterprises to set up access rights, privileged access management & control over their digital identities.

It also stays aligned with the different compliances such as GDPR, HIPAA, ISO 22301, FISMA, COPPA, ISO/IEC 27032, etc.

Some widespread IAM vendors are Auth0, SailPoint, Cyberark, ForgeRock, Okta, Saviynt, etc.

IAM solutions also take care of the increasingly rigorous compliance requirements.

It also defines how & to what extent employees and users can access various systems or other enterprise resources.

Through IAM, corporate admins can set up to allow different authentications techniques.

Most IAMs allow passwordless authentication, MFA, magic link, single sign-on (SSO), smart log-in, hardware-based authentication, etc.

Also, it uses authentication protocols and systems like Security Access Markup Language (SAML), OpenID Connect (OIDC), and System for Cross-domain Identity Management (SCIM).

IAM Service Providers:

IAM service providers are those organizations or companies that leverage IAM products from different organizations like Auth0, SailPoint, Cyberark, ForgeRock, Okta, Saviynt, etc., and provide the service of implementing them to various organizations.

They also deliver guidance, security counseling, advisory services, assessing and planning, threat mitigation and remediation strategies, etc., on which systems to enable in an IAM for the complete security of enterprise assets and digital identities.

vSecureLabs is one such IAM service-providing organization.

Most IAM service-providing firms have a dedicated team of professionals who provide guidance and implement IAM solutions to various enterprises.

Benefits of IAM & its Services:

Enables federated authentication:

IAM solutions provide federated authentication through social login, smart login, email or SMS-based login, etc. It leverages different protocols like OpenID Connect, OAuth 2.0, SAML 2.0, etc., for external authentication with other websites.

Integrates with maximum compatibility:

Like other systems face compatibility issues with traditional or legacy systems, IAM does not have any such problem.

Thus, identity and access management vendors can easily incorporate IAM solutions to prevent inefficient access management.

In case the organization systems are too old, they require system updates to support the latest IAM technology and eradicate any security gaps in their legacy systems.

Numerous authentication options:

Almost all IAM products render different authentication options because each identity verification system comes with its own set of pros and cons.

So, IAM service providers prefer to enable multi-factor authentication so that employees can have multiple factors to verify before accessing the enterprise resources.

Apart from all these, IAM solutions provide rapid alert and incident response.

IAM solutions can also identify malicious insider and outsider behavior and can take prompt actions.

Along with emerging security postures, it caters to analytics options that help the security team easily understand the risks and allow the organization to stay ahead of any threat.

About vSecureLabs:

vSecureLabs provides the service of implementing IAM products to various organizations.

They also deliver guidance, advisory services, assessing and planning, threat mitigation & remediation strategies, etc., on corporate systems to enable an IAM for the complete security of enterprise assets and digital identities.

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