What is NORMAL Recovery after a Breast Reduction?

[ad_1] Having breast reduction surgery so you can move more freely at the gym? Or to feel less self-conscious at the beach? Longing to wear beautiful lingerie and nicely contoured bras, instead of those heavy-duty extra-large support bras available in neutral-only colours?  Wish you didn’t have such large, heavy or pendulous breasts?  Make no mistake, breast […]

Side Boob After Breast Augmentation – will you have it or won’t you?

[ad_1] Side Boob after breast augmentation is something some women want to attain by having breast augmentation procedures to increase their breast size and cleavage projection. If you’re investigating breast augmentation procedures, breast implant sizes and implant placement decisions – and potential side boob cleavage is important to you – be sure to ask your Surgeon for […]

Fat Graft Success Starts with Liposuction

[ad_1] Patients routinely get fat grafts to the face, breast, and buttocks. However, some patients do not get the results they wanted because the fat graft did not ‘take.’  So, what happened? Why do fat grafts sometimes die (or fail to ‘take’)? In this post, I will explain one of the most important factors in […]

Breast Lift Scar Options

[ad_1] What type of scar will you get with a breast lift procedure? This is a very common question, and an important question that all patients should discuss with their Plastic Surgeon prior to having surgery. Years ago I wrote about the various surgical techniques related to breast procedures. Today I’d like to concentrate on […]

BodyTite: Tremendous Non-Surgical Rejuvenation for Face and Body

[ad_1] A revolutionary new technology by InMode Aesthetics is helping patients achieve skin-tightening results that previously were only attainable with surgical procedures. For the right patient, BodyTite and FaceTite can rejuvenate the skin on the body and the face with minimal downtime and nearly invisible incision points. “This is one of the most exciting devices […]

Avoiding Mistakes in Breast Augmentation – 5 Most Common Mistakes and Redos

[ad_1] Breast Augmentation MISTAKES can happen – even if you believe you have taken good advice for your breast implant procedure planning. If you want to avoid common breast augmentation mistakes and revision surgery costs, READ our top blogs on Plastic Surgery, DOWNLOAD and READ our Plastic Surgery/Cosmetic Surgery guide e-books, and SEEK the advice of […]

The Safety, and Power, of Modern General Anesthesia

[ad_1] General anesthesia gets a bad wrap. Coupled with the exponential emergence of non-surgical and minimally-invasive devices available today, many plastic surgery patients have avoiding general anesthesia and the OR at the top of their list. Add the desires of modern patients to have “quicker,” recovery-minimized procedures and general anesthesia really gets put on the […]

Fat Grafting History and Applications

[ad_1] Fat grafting, also referred to as fat transfer or fat injections, is the surgical process by which fat is transferred from one area of the body to another area. The surgical goal is to improve or augment the area where the fat is injected. The technique involves extracting adipose fat by liposuction, processing the […]


[ad_1] Breast Implant Associated Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma Dr Alan Breidahl  The appearance of  Breast Implant Associated Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma (BIA-ALCL) has been a great shock to many caring plastic surgeons who are most concerned for their patients welfare. The TGA in Australia and the FDA in America are being kept appraised of the […]