3 x Skin Care Resolutions You Can Actually Keep

[ad_1] Do you remember what it was? Was it to get fit? Lose weight? Eat more healthily or diet? All of these resolutions are found in Time’s Top 10 most commonly broken new years resolutions, and the reason is that they are there, is that they are hard to keep on your own. So is […]

SKin care

Virtually everyone is on Instagram these days, and while we often try to tell ourselves that follower count… Pin me! Each and every summer since I began my nomadic lifestyle six years ago, there’s… This week, Google revealed a new collaboration with IPTC and CEPIC that brings image rights metadata…

The Beauty Products I’m Loving Lately

[ad_1] I love experimenting with beauty products and changing up my routine as needed. Here are some skin, hair and body care beauty products I love using. (Note: I don’t get paid to promote any of these products and it’s not a sponsored post!) Shower Gel Rituals Foaming Shower Gel – I first discovered this […]

How Does Salicylic Acid Clear Acne?

When you think of acne treatments, odds are salicylic acid comes to mind. This beta-hydroxy acid has a long history of treating acne effectively, efficiently – and gently. By exfoliating skin, deep cleaning pores and preventing future breakouts, this superstar skin care ingredient does wonders for those suffering from acne. That is exactly why we […]

The Perfect Summer Body Lotion

[ad_1] Originally published as The Perfect Summer Body Lotion from the Mario Badescu Skin Care Blog. The limit may not exist—but the perfect summer body lotion does. What it is: Summer Shine Body Lotion, a.k.a. Summer bottled up. This seemingly improbable feat was somehow achieved by one such Mario Badescu… which means you have complete access […]