3 Spooky Ghost Tours to Do in Melbourne Australia

[ad_1] 37° 48′ 46.9044″ S, 144° 57′ 35.1792″ E things to do in Melbourne Haunted places in Australia [ad_2] Pin me! Each and every summer since I began my nomadic lifestyle six years ago, there’s… It’s easy to see why travellers and creative people from all over the world often find… Written by James Wong […]

PSC Deep Dive: Breast Implant Safety and Disease, Part 5

[ad_1] Do breast implants cause certain autoimmune, neurological or other various types of diseases? It’s been a widely discussed and intensely studied topic for the past thirty years.   During this special edition of PSC Deep Dive, board certified plastic surgeons specializing in breast surgery share their views on available implant safety studies and discuss […]

Lasers ‘r’ Us

[ad_1] Most places that offer laser hair removal do it as a sideline. They may have one laser and an aesthetician or two with some minor training. We’re different at Romeo & Juliette Laser Hair Removal. We have more lasers than a Star Wars movie. OK, maybe not that many, but we do use 12 different […]

How Hair Grows

[ad_1] Rapunzel. Now there’s a case study in human hair and its growth cycles. Obviously, to have hair that long, the growth cycle on Rapunzel’s hair must have been rather lengthy. Since we’re all about getting rid of unwanted hair at Romeo & Juliette Laser Hair Removal, here’s some background on how hair, wanted or […]

SKin care

Virtually everyone is on Instagram these days, and while we often try to tell ourselves that follower count… Pin me! Each and every summer since I began my nomadic lifestyle six years ago, there’s… This week, Google revealed a new collaboration with IPTC and CEPIC that brings image rights metadata…

ZX1: Zeiss’ First Full-Frame Camera Has Lightroom Built In

[ad_1] Zeiss has announced the ZX1, a new full-frame compact camera with a fixed 35mm f/2 lens. It’s the first-ever full-frame camera by Zeiss. Inside the camera is a 37.4-megapixel full-frame sensor with an ISO range of 80-51200 that was developed in-house by Zeiss. On the front of the camera is a new Zeiss Distagon […]

How good is your photo keywording?

[ad_1] Keywording is essential when licensing your photos. If your images don’t have the right keywords, people won’t find them in search, so are far less likely to buy them. That’s why they’re called keywords, not meh-words. So what are good and bad keywords to use? How much keywording is enough for a photo? In […]