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The Best Makeup Trends of 2022 (So Far) #makeup #trending #2022

One thing has become clear in 2022: We’re ready to wear makeup again. Many of the biggest makeup trends of the year that are all about being your most extra, colorful, and glittery self. That said, some of the trending looks also appeal to our more minimalist sides, from complexion-enhancing foundation to eco-minded packaging. Read […]

Digital Marketplace for Home-Based Businesswomen West Tenth Joins HearstLab Portfolio

Small businesses can bloom on West Tenth’s digital marketplace West Tenth’s Co-Founders, CEO Lyn Johnson and COO Sara Sparhawk The newest addition to HearstLab’s female founder-focused portfolio could be a game-changer for women who run businesses from home. Lyn and Sara are working at the neighborhood level, taking large-scale ecommerce practices and applying them to […]