The Monthly Edit: August Skincare Essentials

[ad_1] Originally published as The Monthly Edit: August Skincare Essentials from the Mario Badescu Skin Care Blog. Welcome to #MarioMonthlyEdit, where you (yes, you) get a sneak peek at our current essentials. If you missed our last installment, check it out here. How is it August already? Time flies when you’re having fun or whatever, […]

Why A Pumpkin Face Mask Is Exactly What Your Skin Needs

Not only does pumpkin pack a delicious and nutritious punch in your favorite recipes, pumpkin face masks could be your favorite skin care treatment too. With benefits that range from increasing moisture levels to brightening skin tone, pumpkin is a beauty-boosting superstar. Read on to learn why a pumpkin face mask is exactly what your […]

The Safety, and Power, of Modern General Anesthesia

[ad_1] General anesthesia gets a bad wrap. Coupled with the exponential emergence of non-surgical and minimally-invasive devices available today, many plastic surgery patients have avoiding general anesthesia and the OR at the top of their list. Add the desires of modern patients to have “quicker,” recovery-minimized procedures and general anesthesia really gets put on the […]

Give Joy, Be Present with Dr. Murad

[ad_1] Dr. Murad sparked the conversation with a few of his own ideas. Keep reading to see how this artist, author, father, husband, Dermatologist and Founder of Murad Skincare cherishes the season’s moments with friends and family. Question: How do you plan to “Be Present” this holiday? Dr. Murad: Mostly one-on-one time. The problem with […]

Fat Grafting History and Applications

[ad_1] Fat grafting, also referred to as fat transfer or fat injections, is the surgical process by which fat is transferred from one area of the body to another area. The surgical goal is to improve or augment the area where the fat is injected. The technique involves extracting adipose fat by liposuction, processing the […]


[ad_1] Breast Implant Associated Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma Dr Alan Breidahl  The appearance of  Breast Implant Associated Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma (BIA-ALCL) has been a great shock to many caring plastic surgeons who are most concerned for their patients welfare. The TGA in Australia and the FDA in America are being kept appraised of the […]

4 Italian Wines for Your Roman Vacation

[ad_1] Discover.Luxury – Discover.Luxury – For People With A Passion For Luxury! When in Rome, drink like the Romans do! While many people think of Tuscany when they think of Italian wines,…Read More 4 Italian Wines for Your Roman Vacation [ad_2] Virtually everyone is on Instagram these days, and while we often try to tell ourselves that […]