Chicago Luxury Retailer SVRN Unveils Million Dollar Store Remodel in Tangent With Award-Winning Korean Architecture Firm WGNB

After a year of ideation and 5 months of construction, SVRN reopens, revealing an expansion totaling 4,200 square feet with unconventionally innovative architecture that transcends the traditional retail environment to deliver an immersive customer experience.

SVRN Remodel & Expansion

Photograph of the front (West) side of SVRN’s recently completed remodel and expansion.\n\nPhotos courtesy of WGNB

CHICAGO – August 26, 2022 – (

SVRN, Chicago multi-brand luxury retailer, announced that its West Loop storefront has now reopened with an extensive expansion and visionary remodel. Korean architecture firm WGNB, winner of Dezeen’s Emerging Interior Design Studio of the Year 2021, oversaw the redesign, paying homage to SVRN CEO David Kim’s Korean heritage and the story of perseverance that helped his family form a successful business venture. The Kim family fought through many battles to keep their business afloat, including their first store burning down and other rebuilds through the years due to looting and destruction. The remodel presents a purposeful mixture of synthetic and natural forms and materials while personifying the juxtaposition between balance and tension that has helped the Kim family business grow and evolve, eventually leading to the elevated and more conceptual SVRN. The new space elevates Chicago’s fashion retail industry, presenting the previously unseen approach of experimentalism and intersectionality. The storefront is celebrating the remodel with a grand reopening party on Sept. 1, 2022.

“By embodying the Eastern philosophy, SVRN’s lens would speak of collections that are not just the product of fashion and trends, but beyond garments,” said Jonghwan Baek, creative director of WGNB. David Kim, CEO of SVRN, agrees with Baek’s philosophy, stating, “WGNB was able to execute my family’s story of perseverance through an artistic lens, where the buildout of our store not only elevates the Chicago retail environment, but portrays a strong message.”

This announcement comes after 14 months of meticulous planning and design work, as well as a five-month closure period for SVRN. The storefront is excited to open and share this new experience with Chicago. 

SVRN Remodel Details: 

• WGNB’s first-ever North American project executed in tangent with HNR and Helios. 

• Additional 1,200 square feet expansion. 

• Materials like stainless steel and Venetian plaster are used in synchrony with naturally occurring volcanic rocks, blackened wood and linen, conveying a juxtaposition of intersectionality that is core to SVRN’s brand image.

About SVRN

SVRN is a luxury retail space in Chicago’s West Loop that carries high-end labels such as Rick Owens, Maison Margiela, Jil Sander and more. This shop is the result of 40 years of business with a story that is unlike that of any other boutique in our city. More than that, it is the result of a South Korean family immigrating to the United States with next to nothing; no resources, wealth or connections. Now seen as one of the city’s only experimental fashion storefronts, SVRN is a destination point in the United States for fashion enthusiasts both local and from abroad. With this remodel, SVRN aims to be a hub for self-expression through the intersection of fashion, art, design and culture. Feel free to access our website and Instagram. If further information is needed or you would like to attend our grand reopening event, please contact SVRN at [email protected] or +1 (630) 441-5635.


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Chicago Luxury Retailer SVRN Unveils Million Dollar Store Remodel in Tangent With Award-Winning Korean Architecture Firm WGNB

The Fifth Chinese Shaoxing Opera (Yueju) Festival Concludes in East China’s Zhejiang

The Fifth Chinese Shaoxing Opera (Yueju) Festival Concludes in East China’s Zhejiang

SHAOXING, China – August 26, 2022 – (

The Fifth Chinese Shaoxing Opera (Yueju) Festival concluded with big success on August 20 in its birthplace, Shengzhou, a county-level city of Shaoxing, east China’s Zhejiang Province, according to Chinese Ministry of Culture and Tourism and Zhejiang Provincial Government.

Originated in Shengzhou, Yueju is the representative of Zhejiang culture, and Shaoxing and Shengzhou have profound foundation of Yueju. The Opera Festival has permanently landed in Shaoxing along with a glorious mission and great responsibility, said Chu Ziyu, an official with the Zhejiang Provincial government at the closing ceremony.

The closing ceremony started with the classic Shaoxing Opera “Butterfly Lovers”. It vividly demonstrated the hundred-year development course of Yueju — bold in exploration, brave in reform. 

The festival, with “Shaoxing Opera Festival, People’s Festival” as its headline, ran from July 31 to Aug 20. The festival attracted the participation of 15 high-quality plays from all over the country, together with other Yueju activities such as Global Yueju Fanciers Carnival, Shaoxing Teenagers for Classic Yueju, and the 100 Plays in 100 Places as schools, communities, villages, and squares.

The Chinese Shaoxing Opera Festival is a national art festival held in Zhejiang every four years, started in 2006. It has played a great role in preserving Chinese traditional culture and promoting its development and prosperity.

“We will take the festival as a new starting point, continue the innovation in Yueju tradition and broaden the market. We will also strengthen the integration of Yueju and cultural tourism, nurture Yueju talents, and strive to build Shaoxing at a new and higher level,” said Ding Ruxing, an official from Shaoxing city government. 

Shaoxing Opera, originated in Shengzhou county of Shaoxing, dubbed “the second national opera,” following Peking Opera, is the most popular local opera. Shaoxing Opera is good at lyrics, mainly singing. It is beautiful in voice and primarily focuses on the theme of love stories. “Butterfly lovers”, “A Dream of Red Mansions”, “Mu Guiying Takes Command”, etc., are well-known Shaoxing Opera repertoires both at home and abroad. 

For more stories on Yueju and Shaoxing, Zhejiang. Please enjoy the following four official media platforms of Shaoxing Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio Television and Tourism. People are welcome to check them out:

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Sasa Guan

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The Fifth Chinese Shaoxing Opera (Yueju) Festival Concludes in East China’s Zhejiang

Krisallis’ Clarity Readings Founded by Spiritual Advisor and Business Coach Lisa Anderson

Gain Clarity About Difficult Life Questions

Come Be Transformed

Spiritual Advisor and Business Coach Lisa Anderson will be conducting Clarity Readings for new clients only via video starting on Sept. 18 from 5 a.m. to 1 p.m. PDT.

LOS ANGELES – August 26, 2022 – (

Spiritual Advisor and Krisallis Founder Lisa Anderson announced today that she will be offering clarity readings on a weekly basis starting on Sept. 18. There will only be 25 spots available per day, and appointments for new clients run from Sunday to Wednesday from 5 a.m. to 1 p.m. PDT. Sessions are conducted via video call and must be booked in advance on Krisallis’ website. Along with their clarity readings, clients will also have access to a supportive community of meaningful weekly content, signature events, courses and coaching sessions to help to regulate their reality.

Clarity readings are a form of therapy that has been around for centuries. Unlike traditional therapy, a client does not have to say much, and Anderson is able to pick up what is going on in the client’s life using the power of energy. In fact, what a client says may be contradictory to what they are actually feeling, and Anderson will be able to pinpoint this for utmost clarity. Each session is different and is based on the energy that comes in at that moment. Clarity readings are beneficial for people from all walks of life. There is no gender, religion, age, or social status that disqualifies a person from benefiting from a clarity reading. However, Anderson is selective about her clients, and will only work with an individual in the stage of acceptance and ready to make important decisions. During the clarity reading, Anderson will help the client focus on what they want to achieve and provide guidance on how to get there. This is a unique opportunity for people who want to gain clarity about their relationships, career, love, and other important life questions. 

Many clients are able to uncover trauma, belief systems, and fears that may have been preventing them from making important life decisions. Anderson does not tell a client what decision they should make, but the client is given the tools to understand what they are dealing with. Additionally, blind spots are often revealed in these clarity readings, and this allow clients to be held accountable and move forward in their lives. Many find that their clarity readings help them take back the driver’s seat in their own lives and start feeling in control. Many also report that clarity readings help keep anxiety, overthinking, restlessness, and stress levels in control.

Benefits of booking a clarity reading session with Krisallis:

  • Beneficial for people from all walks of life
  • Gain clarity for making important decisions
  • Reduced anxiety and stress levels
  • Eliminate blind spots
  • Supportive community
  • Meaningful content, events, and courses 

About Krisallis: Inspired by love and a passion for personal and professional growth, Krisallis’ goal is to help its clients obtain clarity and move forward in their life paths. Led by founder Lisa Anderson, Krisallis is dedicated to helping clients figure out how to enjoy a full life. It offers clarity readings, life coaching, and business coaching, which can all be booked on its website. What makes Krisallis’ services different from others is intense compassion. It takes the time to provide solutions for its clients and doesn’t only want to assist them in their journeys, Krisallis wants to be a part of their journeys.

Lisa Anderson 
Book an Appointment

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Krisallis’ Clarity Readings Founded by Spiritual Advisor and Business Coach Lisa Anderson

Author Wayne E. Held’s new book ‘From the Beginning: The Saga of the Next Generation’ takes readers back into the world of Nathan Anderson and his siblings

Recent release “From the Beginning: The Saga of the Next Generation” from Newman Springs Publishing author Wayne E. Held is the compelling continuation of “From the Beginning: A Cautionary Tale of an Everyday Family.”

HILLSBOROUGH, N.H. – August 26, 2022 – (

Wayne E. Held, who was born in Plymouth, Massachusetts, in 1950, has completed his new book “From the Beginning: The Saga of the Next Generation”: a gripping and potent novel based on the actual events of Wayne Held growing up in a family that faced abuse and financial hardships. The captivating novel shares the continuing story of Nathan Anderson and his siblings growing into adulthood after the death of their mother, Rachael Anderson. 

Author Wayne E. Held begins his story, writing, “Saturday crept over the treetops, carrying the November chill. Nathan Anderson woke lying on the foldaway bed, staring at the bedroom ceiling. He felt a little light-headed from the previous night’s beer fest. Nathan debated on getting up or just turning over for another hour of sleep. The sun was rising, brightening the room through the side window. He sat on the edge of the bed, searching for the towel. He looked around, noticing the liquor box design sitting on the worktable. His dungarees lay on the floor, with the slightly stained T-shirt lying close by. He spotted the towel resting on the storage chest. Nathan grabbed it and headed for the bathroom.”

Published by Newman Springs Publishing, Wayne E. Held’s engaging tale shares how Nathan and his siblings experienced their own trials and tribulations into their adult years. Their experiences are no different from others in finding their direction in life.

Readers who wish to experience this original work can purchase “From the Beginning: The Saga of the Next Generation” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iBooks Store, Amazon, or Barnes & Noble.

For additional information or media inquiries, contact Newman Springs Publishing at 732-243-8512.

About Newman Springs Publishing: 

Newman Springs Publishing is a full-service publishing house for serious authors. Each title produced by Newman Springs Publishing undergoes every step of the professional publishing process, including editing, layout, cover design, circulation, distribution, and publicity. All titles are made available in both e-book and print formats. Newman Springs Publishing distributes to tens of thousands of retail outlets throughout North America and internationally. All manuscripts in any genre are welcome to be submitted for review; if the manuscript meets the necessary criteria and is accepted for publication, Newman Springs Publishing will work closely with the author to bring the book to the retail market for a relatively inexpensive initial investment.

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Author Wayne E. Held’s new book ‘From the Beginning: The Saga of the Next Generation’ takes readers back into the world of Nathan Anderson and his siblings