Senzo and Abingdon Health Enter Into Strategic Partnership

Senzo and Abingdon Health Enter Into Strategic PartnershipAbingdon Health’s CDMO service to support Senzo in leveraging its innovative, high-accuracy Amplified Lateral Flow (ALF) point-of-care diagnostics platform technology across multiple product opportunities.

Senzo Health Limited (London, UK) (“Senzo”) and Abingdon Health PLC (York, UK) (“Abingdon Health”) are pleased to announce the signing of a strategic partnership agreement.

Under the terms of the partnership, Abingdon Health will support Senzo by providing contract development and manufacturing (“CDMO”) services to Senzo and its partners to enable them to develop and manufacture new rapid tests utilizing Senzo’s cutting-edge ALF platform.

Senzo is a leading innovator in the rapid diagnostics testing market, with its revolutionary lateral flow technology delivering the same accuracy as laboratory-based PCR with results available within 10 minutes, at a fraction of the cost. Senzo Health’s technology is initially being applied to the development of a Covid-19 antigen assay, a broader respiratory panel, and other infectious disease tests. However, there is a wide range of applications across clinical, animal health, food, plant pathogen and environmental testing that would benefit from the strengths of Senzo’s platform technology. This strategic partnership will allow Senzo’s partners to accelerate product development through access to Abingdon Health’s CDMO services.

Abingdon Health is a leading lateral flow CDMO offering its services to an international customer base across a range of industry sectors. Abingdon Health has the internal capabilities to take projects from initial concept through to routine and large-scale manufacturing, from “idea to commercial success”. All projects are managed through Abingdon Health’s quality management system, and its services include feasibility, optimization, technical transfer, manufacturing, regulatory and commercial support. Its UK-based automated manufacturing operations are capable of producing tens of millions of lateral flow tests per annum.

Jeremy Stackawitz, CEO of Senzo Health, commented, “This new partnership, with such an established, innovative, and trusted group as Abingdon, is a terrific opportunity for Senzo as we seek to expand the tests being developed and brought to market on our game-changing ALF platform. Collaborating with Abingdon creates a valuable synergy for customers looking to bring innovative, high-performance lateral flow products to market, and we’re extremely eager to get to work on the first assays.”

Chris Yates, CEO of Abingdon Health, commented, “We are really excited to be working with Senzo and supporting them in leveraging their cutting-edge lateral flow platform technology across multiple applications. We believe this strategic partnership agreement provides Senzo Health and its customers with access to Abingdon’s best-in-class CDMO service to enable accelerated product development and time to market.”

About Senzo:
Senzo is an in vitro diagnostics company developing innovative, accurate, and accessible testing products. Senzo was founded to utilize novel technologies, with a focus on enhanced sensitivity, to create mobile, point-of-care and self-testing products and devices with the ability to accurately, quickly, and cost-effectively conduct testing where healthcare professionals and patients need it most. Senzo is creating game-changing products and systems which bring testing to the patient, eliminating the need for the current slow, expensive central-lab testing paradigms. With insights generated at the point of care, patients can make better decisions faster, and healthcare professionals can identify life-threatening diseases at an earlier stage, improving treatment outcomes and saving lives.

About Abingdon Health:
Abingdon Health is a leading lateral flow contract development and manufacturing organization (“CDMO”) offering its services to an international customer base across industry sectors that include clinical, animal health, plant health, and environmental testing. Abingdon Health has the internal capabilities to take projects from initial concept through to routine and large-scale manufacturing, from “idea to commercial success.”

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Senzo and Abingdon Health Enter Into Strategic Partnership

Common Health Launches Southeast Asia’s First E-Commerce Platform for Chronic Diseases

Common Health Launches Southeast Asia’s First E-Commerce Platform for Chronic DiseasesNew Service Helps Save Money, Improve Health for Population of 151 Million

Common Health Inc., an American startup company working in Southeast Asia, announced today the launch of a new e-commerce platform dedicated to the region’s 151 million people with diabetes and hypertension. The service makes quality medicines more accessible and affordable, and provides advice and support to help customers live longer, healthier lives. Common Health is now available in Myanmar and can be accessed through, Facebook, Viber, and a telephone hotline.

Chronic diseases are a serious challenge in the region, where 99 million people are diabetic or pre-diabetic and 116 million people have hypertension, including many with both conditions. Due to the high costs for care and the complexities of living with these diseases, most people struggle to maintain their treatment. For example, only 12% of people in Southeast Asia with hypertension have their condition under control.

Common Health addresses this by making products and services for people with chronic diseases more affordable, accessible, and convenient, starting with essential medications. Every customer using the company’s platform has access to:

  • Low prices that deliver savings on every order, made possible by relationships with pharmacies, distributors, and manufacturers,
  • Convenient home delivery by a dedicated team trained on the safe handling of health products, including “cold-chain” items,
  • A wide range of medications for diabetes, hypertension, and hyperlipidemia, including Myanmar’s largest selection of oral diabetes drugs and insulins,
  • A world-class quality guarantee ensuring that products are authentic, legally imported, and in excellent condition, and
  • Free telemedicine support, including a family medicine doctor matched to each household and a 24-hour on-call service for urgent issues.

The company has piloted its chronic disease e-commerce platform in the cities of Yangon and Bago, and the response from customers like Daw Cho Cho Thein has been enthusiastic. “We save 25,000 kyats [~US$ 12] per family member on medication costs by ordering through Common Health,” said Thein, who cares for two parents with type 2 diabetes. “We do not need to worry about the expiration date on the medicines. And whenever we have questions, we call our family medicine doctor.”

Common Health was founded in 2019 by Matthew Guilford, who previously scaled telemedicine and health insurance to five million people in Bangladesh. The company began operations in Myanmar in 2021, supporting primary care, medicine delivery, and hospital access for 31,000 children and pregnant women. In less than two years, Common Health’s platform has been used to provide more than 140,000 telemedicine consultations and to deliver more than 17,000 medication orders. 

“We are excited to launch this service as a first step in helping families across Southeast Asia save money and achieve better health outcomes,” said Guilford. “We look forward to incorporating new offerings like diagnostics and insurance to make Common Health the first port of call for people with diabetes, hypertension, and other chronic health needs.”

About Common Health

Common Health, Inc. is a purpose-driven company that helps families in Southeast Asia manage complex health needs like chronic diseases, pregnancy, and early childhood care. The company was founded in the United States in 2019 and started operations in Myanmar in 2021, helping healthcare providers deliver high-quality primary care and essential medications to families with children. With the launch of its new e-commerce platform, Common Health is now applying its capabilities to empower the 151 million people in Southeast Asia with diabetes and hypertension to save money and achieve better health. For more information, visit

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Nang Nwe

Commercial Manager, Common Health

+95 9765 442 738

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Common Health Launches Southeast Asia’s First E-Commerce Platform for Chronic Diseases