Australian Northern Health Partners With Agfa HealthCare Enterprise Imaging and RUBEE for AI to Transform Healthcare Delivery

Prominent Australian healthcare provider Northern Health joins the growing number of Agfa HealthCare customers in ASPAC, who are already leveraging the benefits of unified Enterprise Imaging platform. The agreement supports Northern Health’s vision to transform its healthcare services through outstanding innovations and excellence.

Australian Northern Health Partners With Agfa HealthCare Enterprise Imaging and RUBEE for AI to Transform Healthcare Delivery
Agfa HealthCare Enterprise Imaging

Australian Northern Health partners with Agfa HealthCare Enterprise Imaging and RUBEE\u00ae for AI to transform healthcare delivery.

Agfa HealthCare is pleased to announce that it has signed a five-plus-five-year agreement with Northern Health, in Melbourne, Australia. Agfa’s latest generation of the Enterprise Imaging 8.2 Platform for Radiology, including RUBEE® for AI framework, will enhance the provider’s healthcare delivery capabilities. Enterprise Imaging innovations will bring “life in flow” to radiologists, and deliver advanced solutions, automation and efficient workflows which enables clinicians to stay focused on patient diagnosis and treatment.

Northern Health is a prominent public healthcare provider in Melbourne’s Northern Region, which is one of the fastest-growing communities in Australia. Established in 1998, Northern Health has become a vital part of the region’s healthcare ecosystem by delivering high-quality healthcare services to its diverse and rapidly growing population. The organization’s commitment to providing exceptional healthcare has led to the expansion of its services, which now include a broad range of specialist acute medical, surgical, maternity, sub-acute, and ambulatory health services across multiple locations, including Northern Hospital Epping, Broadmeadows Hospital, Craigieburn Centre, and the Bundoora Centre.

Northern Health joins the growing number of Australian healthcare providers, including Austin Health, Eastern Health, Adventist Healthcare and Sunshine Coast Hospital, who are already leveraging the benefits of the Agfa HealthCare Enterprise Imaging solution.

Enterprise Imaging innovations providing “life in flow” to Radiologists

“The choice of Agfa’s Enterprise Imaging platform aligns with our vision to deliver high-quality care and transform healthcare services through carefully considered investments in innovative technologies. Our strategic cooperation with Agfa HealthCare is a significant step forward in our quest to advance excellence in healthcare delivery in Melbourne’s North. Agfa HealthCare will provide advanced imaging IT functionalities, including AI clinical decision support to our Imaging program. We are delighted to take this first step in what we trust will be a long and beneficial relationship between Northern Health and Agfa HealthCare,” says Dr. Terry Kok, Director of Imaging for Northern Health.

We are proud to partner with Northern Health in implementing our latest generation of the Enterprise Imaging platform that helps manage resource allocation, improve productivity, and provide clinical confidence with embedded AI capabilities. Today, radiologists face multiple pressure points and a constant demand to improve efficiencies of care delivery, while managing ever-greater volumes of incoming information. Our comprehensive medical imaging platform empowers radiologists to focus on patient care and confident diagnosis while increasing productivity and supporting their own well-being. In Agfa HealthCare we call it ‘Life in flow,'” says Jamie Osmond, Managing Director ASPAC for Agfa HealthCare.

RUBEE® for AI keeps radiologists in their flow while laying the foundation and framework for analytically intelligent ‘clinical packages’ seamlessly embedded within Agfa HealthCare Enterprise Imaging. By creating an efficient and effective work experience for radiologists, the Chest X-ray AI Analysis package powered by RUBEE® and Lunit INSIGHT CXR will provide radiologists diagnostic confidence, optimize reading performance, and help improve productivity and overall delivery of patient care,” says Dr. Anjum Ahmed, Global Chief Medical Officer and Director Innovations for Agfa HealthCare.

Agfa’s Enterprise Imaging for Radiology is a comprehensive medical imaging platform that enables healthcare providers to capture, manage, store and distribute images and related data across the enterprise. Designed to support radiologists’ work at the top of their craft, its powerful automation features eliminate many of the menial tasks that stand in the way of doing more impactful work. The system is built to foster collaboration across departments, specialties, regions and time zones, so everyone can provide the best care to patients. 

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Australian Northern Health Partners With Agfa HealthCare Enterprise Imaging and RUBEE for AI to Transform Healthcare Delivery

Newly Vetted Gait Mobile Phone Technology Extends Biomarker Research and Clinical Access

SportGait’s Patented BKGTM Gait Technology Validated Through Peer-Reviewed Process for Mobile Phone Use and Published in The Journal of Pediatric Neuropsychology

SportGait, the brain wellness and medical technology company helping to detect, track and prevent concussions, proudly announced today that its patented BKG™ gait technology has been validated for mobile phone use and published in the Journal of Pediatric Neuropsychology. This announcement comes on the heels of another peer-reviewed publication earlier this year in the Journal of Concussion that demonstrated BKG gait technology’s reliability and accuracy, proving that it can create biomarkers and be used to predict concussion outcomes effectively. The company is also in the process of validating the technology for use in Parkinson’s, Frailty, and other significant neurological conditions. 

The latest published study, Click Here, highlights that using a mobile device to perform SportGait’s BKG  gait test produced results equivalent to those produced when performing the gait test with dedicated body-worn sensors.  The study covers both adolescents and adults. Data also indicated that gait sensors can detect prolonged recovery trajectories for concussed patients. The mobile BKG scores were evaluated using more than 4,000 individuals and achieved strong test-retest reliability across all gait metrics. This outcome is truly groundbreaking for SportGait and the use of its technology in clinical practice. Putting SportGait’s unique clinically validated gait technology on a person’s mobile device allows for ubiquitous distribution and enables remote patient monitoring. Historically, a major barrier to easy and effective clinical treatment of concussions has been the need for multiple in-person assessments. SportGait’s mobile BKG test removes this barrier and enables remote patient monitoring and assessment without the need for in-person medical visits. 

“This new technology not only puts a powerful assessment tool in the hands of patients, but because it only takes 1-2 minutes to collect thousands of data points on gait, we are arming medical providers with considerable data to make more informed decisions,” says Dr. Len Lecci, lead researcher on the study.  

“Our goal at SportGait has always been to be able to provide efficient, efficacious, and economical tools and resources to help individuals, families, coaches and medical providers make more informed decisions around head injuries and concussions. By bringing our BKG  technology to the phone, we’re taking a major leap forward,” commented SportGait President and CEO Chris Newton. “Our newly updated mobile application will turn any smartphone into an incredibly powerful tool for assisting with clinical diagnosis and treatment plans for head injuries, without the costs and hassles that come with specialized sensors. That means fewer trips to the doctor without sacrificing quality of care.”

SportGait’s patented technology uses data collected by a mobile device’s accelerometers and creates BioKinetoGraphs (BKG), which are a visual depiction of a person’s gait. Similar to the shape of a waveform, the graph-like displays visually correspond to different events during a gait cycle such as the foot hitting the ground or pushing off of it. The company recently released version 2.0 of its software platform, which included an updated mobile application and enhanced communication through its ecosystem to support patients both in-clinic and remotely.

About SportGait

SportGait is a concussion support and recovery system that offers a scalable platform for medical providers, coaches, and parents. Their array of assessments are best-in-class and research-backed with the goal of bridging brain wellness with medical technology. The scientifically developed system aids and educates users in effectively evaluating and monitoring concussions. A scientific review of the system is Click Here.  SportGait is a highly trusted source of medical technology and was chosen to be the enterprise-wide standard for concussion testing for one of the top five largest hospital systems in the U.S. For more information please visit

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Marketing Manager

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Newly Vetted Gait Mobile Phone Technology Extends Biomarker Research and Clinical Access

Washington Speakers Bureau Congratulates Legendary Coach and San Diego Wave President Jill Ellis for Her Induction Into Soccer Hall of Fame

Jill Ellis Jill Ellis on the field. Photo credit: Betsy Stephenson

WASHINGTON, May 9, 2023 (

The Washington Speakers Bureau (WSB) is th…

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Voon Launches New THC Pouches for the Ultimate Vegas Experience

Experience the ultimate Vegas buzz with Voon’s THC pouches. Break free from smoking restrictions and embrace Sin City’s wild side.

Voon Launches New THC Pouches for the Ultimate Vegas Experience
Smokeless, Fast-Acting and Discrete- Introducing 20mg THC Pouches from Voon

Free yourself from all smoking restrictions with Voon’s 20mg THC pouches. Fast-Acting, Potent, Vegan and Cost-Effective – these pouches will enhance your Sin City experience to the max.

Voon, a leading innovator in pouch-in-mouth products, is excited to announce the launch of their newest product, THC pouches. These pouches provide a new level of freedom to those visiting Sin City by liberating them from the constraints of smoking restrictions on the strip and the fear of judgment. Voon THC pouches provide the perfect way to experience the wild side of Vegas anytime and anywhere.

With 20mg of THC per pouch, Voon users can enjoy a continuous and smooth buzz that allows them to stay on top of every moment of the action. Whether they are taking on the casinos, attending a show, enjoying a festival, or partying the night away, users can stay energized and ready to go with these “pick-me-up” pouches.

One of the greatest advantages of Voon THC pouches is the ability to allow users to stay in the zone. Visitors to Las Vegas can keep the excitement going, whether they are exploring the city or trying their luck at the slot machines. There is no need to find a designated smoking area to maintain that buzz, allowing users to enjoy every moment of Vegas with no fuss. Furthermore, the proprietary technology behind the pouches ensures a quick onset within 5 minutes. Simply wedge the pouch between the upper lip and gum and let it release.

“We are thrilled to introduce our newest product, Voon THC pouches, to the market. These pouches provide users with a simple, convenient and discreet way to enjoy the excitement of Vegas without worrying about smoking restrictions,” said Voon Innovations CEO Frank Svandal. “Our slim white pouches provide a seamless and enduring buzz to help visitors experience Sin City to the fullest. With Voon THC pouches, visitors to Las Vegas no longer need to worry about smoking restrictions and truly enjoy their Sin City cannabis journey.”

Voon Innovations is a Swedish based company with ample experience in pouch-in-mouth technology. The team of experts behind Voon is committed to providing high-quality cannabis pouch products to consumers. In addition to being a smokeless and odorless cannabis alternative, Voon pouches use only natural ingredients that are sugarless and vegan-friendly. Voon THC pouches are currently available at Planet 13 in 2 strains, with more to be available very soon. Follow Voon THC’s Instagram @GoVoon to stay updated.

Voon is launching in the United States in Nevada with “the grow up co-op.” A sales and marketing cooperative of conscientious and intentional cannabis brands. For information on expansion and retail opportunities, please contact Tina Ulman or Dani Baranowski at [email protected]

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Tina Ulman

Managing Partner

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Voon Launches New THC Pouches for the Ultimate Vegas Experience

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First Stop Health Again Named One of Inc. Magazine’s Best Workplaces

Highly engaged employees say ‘caring’ is a key differentiator for virtual care company named on Inc.’s 2023 list of best U.S. workplaces.

First Stop Health (FSH), a leading virtual care company, has been named to Inc. Magazine’s annual list of Best Workplaces for a second year in a row. According to Inc., FSH employees are highly engaged because senior leadership values people as the most important resource. Overwhelmingly, employees described FSH’s work environment as caring. 

“All of us at FSH are striving towards providing delightful, affordable care,” said FSH CEO Teira Gunlock. “Uniting around that mission has created a foundation of mutual respect that every role is important. I’m thrilled this team is being recognized, again, for the caring FSH community we have built and I’m excited about our plans to further strengthen it and ensure it’s a place people love.”  

The Inc. Best Workplaces list is the result of a comprehensive measurement of American companies that have excelled in creating exceptional workplaces and company culture, whether operating in a physical or virtual facility. Each company that was nominated took part in an employee survey, conducted by Quantum Workplace, which included topics such as management effectiveness, perks, fostering employee growth, and overall company culture. The organization’s benefits were also audited to determine overall score and ranking.  

FSH has been named on an Inc. list for six years in a row, including 2018 through 2022, as one of the fastest-growing private companies on the Inc. 5000 list. The 2023 ranking for the Inc. 5000 list has not yet been announced. 

Here is what employees had to say about FSH in the Inc. Best Workplaces survey: 

“Working at First Stop Health is truly a pleasure. The culture, my coworkers and our mission are the best of any organization. My manager and leadership are incredibly dedicated to my professional and personal growth.” 

“I appreciate the transparency of the leadership team and feel like they do a great job keeping the entire organization updated. I am especially proud to make a difference in the healthcare sector. It’s an incredible feeling to get our members the health care they need, faster, more easily and for little-to-no cost.” 

“FSH exemplifies its pillars in the way we hire and the group of employees that make up our organization — caring, trusted, unrelenting and transparent. I have never worked in an organization with so many hardworking and caring individuals. They collaborate effectively, problem-solve across team lines, and support and encourage each other. Management is committed to open communication.” 

To learn more about First Stop Health, visit

About First Stop Health 

First Stop Health (FSH) provides care that people love with various digital healthcare services. Patients can access virtual care 24/7 via app, website or phone. We help them save time and money with safe, convenient, high-quality virtual care solutions — Primary Care, Urgent Care & Mental Health. FSH was named one of Inc. Magazine’s Best Workplaces of 2022 and 2023, and ranked one of the fastest-growing private companies for the past five years by Inc. 5000.

Contact Information:

Emily Kunisch

Senior Manager, Marketing

[email protected]

888-691-7867 x-410

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First Stop Health Again Named One of Inc. Magazine’s Best Workplaces

Give Mom the Gift of a Healthy Smile With Bitvae’s Mother’s Day Sale

This Mother’s Day, Bitvae is proud to stand with families and communities worldwide to promote oral health and wellness

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, Bitvae is excited to offer its customers a fantastic opportunity to celebrate this special day with amazing discounts on its revolutionary oral care products.

Oral health is essential for overall well-being, and with Bitvae’s commitment to making oral care easy and enjoyable, there’s no better time to show your appreciation for the mom in your life with the gift of a healthy and beautiful smile.

From May 8 to May 14, customers can avail of special discounts on Bitvae’s top-quality oral care products, including the following:

C2 Portable Water Flosser: 20% discount when applying the coupon in the product page.
D2 Electric Toothbrush: 27% discount taking advantage of the reduced price and applying the coupon in the product page.
S2 Smart Electric Toothbrush: $10 off when applying the coupon in the product page.
R2 Rotating Electric Toothbrush: $6 off when applying the coupon in the product page.

Bitvae’s oral care products are the perfect gift for any mom. Whether they’re busy and on-the-go or looking for a luxurious self-care ritual, Bitvae has got it covered. Bitvae’s D2 Electric Toothbrush and S2 Smart Electric Toothbrush, both ADA-approved, are the perfect addition to any busy mom’s oral care routine. With their stylish design and superior cleaning power, these toothbrushes are trusted by thousands of satisfied customers.

For moms who want to take their oral care routine to the next level, Bitvae’s C2 Portable Water Flosser is a powerful flosser that removes up to 99.9% of food debris and dental plaque, ensuring a thorough clean that brushing alone cannot provide. With its compact design, the C2 is perfect for busy moms on-the-go who want to maintain healthy teeth and gums wherever they are.

“Bitvae is proud to celebrate Mother’s Day by offering these fantastic discounts on our high-quality oral care products. We want to empower moms to take control of their family’s oral health with confidence and make oral care a daily routine that is simple, enjoyable, and effective for everyone,” said Hugh Zou, founder, and CEO of Bitvae.

Give the gift of a healthy and beautiful smile this Mother’s Day with Bitvae’s affordable and high-quality oral care products. Visit Bitvae’s Amazon Storefront to take advantage if these deals.

About Bitvae
Established in Texas, Bitvae is committed to making oral care easy and enjoyable. Bitvae infuses the latest technologies into thoughtful products that fit into their customers’ lifestyles and are perfect for use at home and on the go.

For more information, check out Bitvae’s storefront on Amazon or website and stay up to date with the brand on Instagram, TikTok and Facebook (@bitvae.official).

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Lens Watson

PR Manager

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Give Mom the Gift of a Healthy Smile With Bitvae’s Mother’s Day Sale

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L-Nutra Launches First-of-Its Kind Longevity Nutrition Product Line Called ‘ProLon EveryDay’

First product to the market from the ‘ProLon EveryDay’ product line is the L-Spread, rich in Longevity Nuts sourced from Italy’s Longevity Area and formulated based on the Longevity Diet by Dr. Valter Longo.

 L-Nutra Inc., the world’s leading nutrition technology company pioneering the discovery and commercialization of novel nutrition products that impact both the body’s metabolism and cellular rejuvenation, announces today the launch of a new pipeline of nutrition called ‘ProLon EveryDay’.

ProLon EveryDay is the result of 30 years of research to identify foods and ingredients from around the globe that taste great; can be consumed every day; are consistently associated with improved health, disease reduction and longevity extension; contain no toxins; and have minimal impact on the environment and carbon emission. The ProLon Everyday ingredients and foods are based on pre-clinical, clinical and epidemiological studies as well as on studies of the diets of populations with record longevity. 

The first product to market under this new line of Nutrition is the L-Spread which contains 74% almonds, a major Longevity Nut that is consistently correlated with healthy human longevity. Scientific studies show that daily consumption of almonds may lower risk of mortality, notably from cardiovascular diseases and cancer. The L-Spread is based on a precision nutrition formulation developed by Dr. Valter Longo, head of the Longevity Institute at University of Southern California and selected TIME Magazine’s top 50 most influential people in Health.  The Longevity nutrition formulation aims at controlling factors associated with biological aging such as insulin and IGF. The L-Spread contains plant-based proteins, healthy fats and low sugar. It is Gluten-Free, Soy-Free, Vegan, and Non-GMO.

“We searched around the world for great tasting almonds produced in an area with record longevity and decided to source from the Longevity Area of South Italy known for its thriving centenarians”, said Dr. Joseph Antoun, M.D., Ph.D., CEO, and Chairman of L-Nutra Inc.

“The L-Spread is based on a Nutrition For Longevity Formulation that Dr. Valter Longo researched for 30 years at USC’s Longevity Lab and published in the Longevity Diet book and a Cell 2022 article,” said Dr. Will Hsu, M.D., Chief Medical Officer at L-Nutra Inc.

The L-Spread is sold primarily on ProLon’s website:

About L-Nutra Inc.

L-Nutra is leading the discovery, design, and commercialization of novel nutrition products and programs with the mission of adding more life to human life. Current commercial products focus on wellness and healthy aging, including ProLon® 5 Day Fasting Mimicking Nutrition the first and only clinically tested, five-day fasting nutrition program designed to allow your body to enter a fasting state while still consuming nutrient-dense foods. L-Nutra also created the 1-day fasting nutrition kit ProLon Reset™, ProLon Intermittent Fasting Bar®, the first nutrition bar specifically designed and clinically tested to support intermittent fasting and ProLon Fasting Shake, the first drink tested to keep the body in fasting mode. Nutrition for Longevity® is L-Nutra’s science-backed, chef-curated meal program, featuring farm-to-table meals formulated to address the nutritional deficiencies in today’s commercially grown produce. For more info, visit

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Joseph Antoun


[email protected]

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L-Nutra Launches First-of-Its Kind Longevity Nutrition Product Line Called ‘ProLon EveryDay’

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