The Perfect Summer Body Lotion

[ad_1] Originally published as The Perfect Summer Body Lotion from the Mario Badescu Skin Care Blog. The limit may not exist—but the perfect summer body lotion does. What it is: Summer Shine Body Lotion, a.k.a. Summer bottled up. This seemingly improbable feat was somehow achieved by one such Mario Badescu… which means you have complete access […]

The Growing Luxury Smartwatch Market

[ad_1] Discover.Luxury – Discover.Luxury – For People With A Passion For Luxury! The popularity of smartwatches continues to grow, making it a desirable market for tech brands and luxury brands alike.  More…Read More The Growing Luxury Smartwatch Market [ad_2]

The Best Los Angeles Weekend Getaways (from a Local)

[ad_1] Pin me! Each and every summer since I began my nomadic lifestyle six years ago, there’s no question where I’ll return to: Greater Los Angeles, the place where I grew up. The weather is perfect, I’m never bored, and of course, it’s home. It’s a funny thing, since leaving I’ve become more and more […]

Side Boob After Breast Augmentation – will you have it or won’t you?

[ad_1] Side Boob after breast augmentation is something some women want to attain by having breast augmentation procedures to increase their breast size and cleavage projection. If you’re investigating breast augmentation procedures, breast implant sizes and implant placement decisions – and potential side boob cleavage is important to you – be sure to ask your Surgeon for […]

School refusal: When a child won’t go to school

[ad_1] The transition back to school each fall is challenging for many families. But some children and teens feel so much emotional distress that they may repeatedly balk at attending school or staying there — a problem known as school refusal, or school avoidance if it occurs consistently. Ways to identify school refusal and tips […]

Just Add Cheer: Decorating Your Pine Wreath

[ad_1] Are you looking to add a fresh and festive touch to your home? We love the warmth that an ornate wreath can bring to a space, but finding the perfect design to compliment your holiday style is sometimes easier said than done. Fortunately, with a store-bought wreath and a little imagination, you can create […]