Introducing My New Blog At Fresh Flutters

[ad_1] Copyright © So what have I been up to recently? I’ve been blogging at another new space. Yup, I’ve set up a new blog and I’ve been spending my time tinkering at that site. It’s now ready and I want to invite you to check it out. What’s my new blog about? Nothing […]

How To Take Beautiful Travel Photos of Yourself

[ad_1] Pin me! I love looking through my grandmother’s travel photos, imagining how it was back then. The other day as I flipped through, I wanted so badly to find a photo of her, but she is rarely in any of them. Like me, she preferred to stand behind the lens, and I suspect she […]

How to Make a Photo Slideshow in Photoshop for Instagram Stories

[ad_1] Explore your creativity with individual stories on Instagram. In this tutorial, learn how to create a short photo slideshow from scratch using Adobe Photoshop and video editing apps. You’ll learn: How to choose a theme How to create and select your photos for the theme Slideshow templates Making your own slideshow from scratch in […]

How to Grow Your Instagram Following

[ad_1] Virtually everyone is on Instagram these days, and while we often try to tell ourselves that follower count doesn’t matter, it actually can matter a lot depending on the kind of work we do. For photographers and small business owners, especially, having Instagram followers can be vital to success. While there’s no surefire way to grow a large […]

Google Images adds creator and credit metadata to photos

[ad_1] This week, Google revealed a new collaboration with IPTC and CEPIC that brings image rights metadata to Google Images. The new “Image credits” inclusion is found by tapping the triple-dot menu icon directly beneath an image located on Google Images. When selected, Google presents both image credit and image creator metadata. The company notes […]

Fat Graft Success Starts with Liposuction

[ad_1] Patients routinely get fat grafts to the face, breast, and buttocks. However, some patients do not get the results they wanted because the fat graft did not ‘take.’  So, what happened? Why do fat grafts sometimes die (or fail to ‘take’)? In this post, I will explain one of the most important factors in […]

Established Restaurants in Paris That You Must Try

[ad_1] Discover.Luxury – Discover.Luxury – For People With A Passion For Luxury! Whether you are dining at a bar, bistro, café or brasserie, France is known for its culinary perfection. In the…Read More Established Restaurants in Paris That You Must Try [ad_2] Virtually everyone is on Instagram these days, and while we often try to tell ourselves […]

Can Sandalwood Oil Treat Baldness?

[ad_1] By Dr. Mercola If you struggle with hair loss, at first glance, research out of Europe demonstrating the effectiveness of a sandalwood preparation to support hair growth may seem promising. After all, the smell of natural sandalwood is a pleasing woody scent to which you have very likely been exposed. Before you get too […]