5 Head-To-Toe Winter Skin Rejuvenation Treatments for Women & Men


In winter, while our skin is covered up with layers of clothing and is not exposed as much as in summer, it is a good time to book in for occasional skin rejuvenation treatments. So that your skin can look and feel its’ very best, investing in skin rejuvenation can be just the thing your complexion or body needs to feel pepped up to step out the door into the cold weather!

You might be thinking that skin rejuvenation is unaffordable but it can be achieved in affordable steps with the right solution for your present skin condition.

Try these 5 Head-to-Toe Winter Skin Rejuvenation Treatments to give your skin some self-care, maintenance and confidence – all of these treatments are intended to optimise both women and men’s skincare health:

1. Skin Tightening

A beautifully smooth complexion that feels so good, and looks so fresh and vibrant, can give you confidence to stop worrying about your appearance. If you have skin conditions such as fine lines, sagging or wrinkles on your face, but are not sure how to go about addressing them, the first thing to do is book in for a computerised facial skin analysis with You By Sia. This process creates a map of your face, much like the topography maps you see with land geography, to plan your skin rejuvenation strategy.

Next, book a short treatment series of Skin Tightening Treatments. With the discovery of radio frequency and magnetic pulsing therapy, You by Sia has unlocked the key to a beautifully smooth, youthful complexion.

How does it work?

RF Skin Tightening uses radio frequency waves to deliver a small amount of controlled heat to the deeper layers of the skin, boosting collagen and elastin production. As the natural building blocks for glowing, supple skin, increased collagen and elastin production can dramatically help to improve the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and sagging.

What results can I expect?

RF Skin Tightening can help to improve the appearance of laxed skin, skin tone, tightness and elasticity.

The benefit of this process is: feeling younger and more confident – really!

How much does treatment cost?

The cost of RF Skin Tightening depends on the area being targeted and the amount of sessions required to achieve results.

  • Face – $150.00 – $115.00
  • Abdomen – $170.00 – $129.00

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2. Dermal Sonic Facials

Dermal Sonic Facials are an excellent introduction into how clean your skin can feel after a combination of Ultrasonic cleansing, a skin refining mask, clinical product infusion and skin plumping and lifting.

How does it work?

Teaming powerful active ingredients with advanced dermal sonic technology, these signature facials allow active ingredients to penetrate the deeper layers of the skin. Dermal Sonic Facials employ ultrasonic frequencies to cleanse and refine, effectively helping to tone and lift the facial muscles whilst improving the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

What results can I expect?

Renew a dull looking complexion and target the signs of skin ageing caused by the sun, stress, natural ageing and pollution. Also, effectively combat the appearance of various skin complaints, including ageing, pigmentation, sagging skin, wrinkles and dryness.

There are three options for the type of facial and how much time you have available – the latter two use bio-light therapy for the ultimate improvement in the appearance of skin tone and texture.

Best part of this process is: there is no downtime – you can have your skin rejuvenation done in your lunchbreak!

How much does treatment cost?

  • Nano Sonic Facial – 30 mins – $89
  • Micro Sonic Facial – 45 mins – $160
  • Macro Sonic Facial – 75 min – $240

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3.    Cellulite Removal and Cellulite Treatment

Cellulite is caused by compounded fat cells within the structural support layer of the skin. The appearance of cellulite cannot be improved unless the fat within these cells is converted from a solid state to a liquid state. Despite an array of expensive over-the-counter creams claiming to banish cellulite, this condition is most effectively addressed at the core of the problem, not just at the symptomatic level.

How does it work?

You by Sia has developed a proven, multi-model approach to target cellulite within the skin’s structure. The use of advanced multi-polar radio frequencies and magnetic pulses allow us to direct controlled heat to compounded fat cells, quickly altering stubborn cellulite in to liquid form. This process also induces the skin’s natural healing and strengthening response, sending collagen and elastin to the structural layer to aid in cell renewal and skin firming.

What results can I expect?

Within a few sessions you will notice lumps and bumps becoming progressively smoother. This will continue across the course of treatment. If your treatment plan is followed correctly, results should last for six to twelve months.

Best part of this process is: that it actually works, unlike many home remedies or other expensive, non-performing treatments!

How much does treatment cost?

There is a minimum of three treatments, make sure you

  • Inner/outer arms – $170-129 prepay
  • Abdomen – $170-129 prepay
  • Buttocks – $170-129 prepay
  • Thighs – $350-270 prepay

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4.    Laser Hair Removal

Years of shaving, waxing, plucking and bleaching can take their toll. For a more permanent solution that is cost effective in the long run, Sydney clients have turned to You by Sia’s industry leading expertise and the most cutting edge laser technology in the country – they are dedicated to laser hair removal clients who want to achieve genuine results.

How does it work?

At You By Sia clinics across Sydney, targeted laser technology uses a beam of light to target hair follicles in the selected area, leaving the surrounding section unaffected. As the follicles become weaker, hair growth lessens and eventuates in smooth, hair free skin. Popular treatment areas include the bikini line, legs, and underarms for women, and the back, chest and shoulders for men.

What results can I expect?

Expect noticeable hair reduction in as little as 8-10 sessions thanks to our world class laser technology, although not all skin types are suitable for laser hair removal treatment. Book a skin consultation before starting treatment so that an experience skin specialist can explain the process and check your skin on face and/or body.

Best part of this process is the smooth, silky skin on your face and/or body – for women and men!

How much does treatment cost?

Browse through the price list here for the most effective laser hair reduction treatments at the most competitive prices.

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5. Fungal Laser Nail Treatment

Are you embarrassed about the condition of your feet, especially nail conditions such as fungal infections? Fungal nail infections occur when fungal spores naturally living on the skin and nails become opportunistic and cause an infection of the nail. This can occur on different parts of the nail most commonly on the free edge of the nail and underneath. Often the location of the fungal infection can be related to the cause of the infection. Fungal Laser Nail treatment eradicates the infection quickly and permanently without side effects or having to take oral medication.

How does it work?

Laser fungal nail treatments have been popular in the USA for many years and is considered the gold standard treatment in most podiatry practices across the country. Laser fungal nail treatments have now finally made it to Australia and has been met with the same enthusiasm and results at The Fungal Laser Clinic in Sydney.

The laser machines used in treatment heat up the toenail by delivering light energy onto the nail bed, which effectively kills fungal spores – simple! See this Before and After photo below:

What results can I expect?

Expect to be amazed! There is an 85% success rate, shown through clinical trials to work quickly, with no side effects and minimal risk of infection-spreading.

Best part of this treatment is: that it works. Period.

How much does treatment cost?

Health fund rebates are available on all podiatry consultation costs provided that you have private health insurance which covers podiatry.

When you have a fungal nail laser treatment, your podiatry consultation fee is included in the cost of your laser treatment, so any price you are quoted will include the consultation fee. This fee is the claimable portion from your private health insurance.

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Only two months left of winter – what are you waiting for?

From the top of your head to the end of your toes, follow this plan for some skin specialist goodness to rejuvenate your skin along with any areas that might require more skin specialist attention and care. For men and women who want to act on skin conditions and a skin rejuvenation plan, the time that you invest in now will pay off instantly and allow you to feel more comfortable and confident in your skin.

For more information, please contact You By Sia or Fungal Laser Clinic at one of our skin specialist clinics based in Sydney CBD, Parramatta, Castle Hill and Bondi Junction.

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