Avoiding Mistakes in Breast Augmentation – 5 Most Common Mistakes and Redos


Breast Augmentation MISTAKES can happen – even if you believe you have taken good advice for your breast implant procedure planning. If you want to avoid common breast augmentation mistakes and revision surgery costs, READ our top blogs on Plastic Surgery, DOWNLOAD and READ our Plastic Surgery/Cosmetic Surgery guide e-books, and SEEK the advice of a highly-respected Specialist Plastic Surgeon nearby who has at least 2 decades or more of experience performing breast augmentation operations.

  • Even getting a second opinion from another Specialist Plastic Surgeon can help you know what to choose and what to avoid choosing in terms of surgery options for breast augmentation.
  • At our practices – with top consultation locations in MelbourneBerwick and Sydney (Double Bay and Bondi), we have several genuine FRACS Specialist Plastic Surgeons to choose from for your breast implant procedures.

So here’s how to avoid MISTAKES in breast augmentation surgery when you’re making key decisions.

The most common Mistakes in Breast Augmentation (what NOT to do)

Breast Augmentation Mistake #1: Choosing the WRONG Surgeon.

  • Some people choose a Surgeon based on personality and price.
  • Personality is important, as you’ll be working together WITH your surgeon for a good result. It’s a collaborative effort, so personality should NOT be overlooked.
    • But there are a number of great Plastic Surgeons in Melbourne and Sydney with great personalities.
    • There are also great Surgeons for Breast Augmentation who have less-than-empathetic personalities AND
    • There are less-skilled Surgeons who present WELL and have great personalities, but less experience or who are NOT actually a Plastic Surgeon but perhaps a GP, dentist or skin doctor calling themselves a Cosmetic Surgeon (an unregulated/unmonitored medical term).

Our team believes surgical experience and number of operations performed – AS WELL AS YEARS IN PRACTICE –  count a LOT for building patient trust and best-practice patient care criteria.

  • Because – let’s face it – the MORE years a Surgeon SPENDS performing breast augmentation or cosmetic/reconstruction operations, the MORE LIKELY they are to be an expert or MASTER at Breast Augmentation Surgery, and at handling unforeseen complications, tricky surgeries and avoiding selection mistakes.
  • Remember, a first-time breast surgery consultation is a no-obligation chance to meet your Specialist Plastic Surgeon and to ask questions about your breast augmentation options.

You can also attend INFORMATION NIGHT events to get to know the clinic.

Phone us on (03)88491444 for more information or to book a consultation.

Breast Augmentation Mistake #2: Choosing the wrong FACILITY or PLACE to have your operation.

  • Hospitals are good locations to have surgery as if something doesn’t go to plan, you can get urgent attention.
  • Plus, if someone’s working in a hospital operating theatre – they’ve had extensive operation-safety training and qualification validations as well as sterilisation monitoring (sadly, this is not necessarily the case for private room operations by cosmetic surgeons, as reported by Four Corners).
  • Not all Surgeons have hospital operating rights. Genuine FRACS recognised Specialist Plastic Surgeons typically DO have operating rights in real hospitals, not just clinic back rooms that may not be as regularly monitored or monitored to the same sanitation/sterilisation and patient care levels as Australia hospital standards).
  • So-called Cosmetic Surgeons are NOT the same as Plastic Surgeons. They often do not have OPERATING permissions in hospitals or NO ADMITTING rights.
  • If you’re not sure what that means in terms of your operation-safety or the handling of a potential complication during surgery, phone (03) 8849 1444 and ask our team of Patient Care Coordinators.
  • Not only are Cosmetic Surgeons not the same as Plastic Surgeons in terms of training/monitoring and operating rights, back room clinics are NOT the same as hospitals – and TWILIGHT ANAESTHESIA isn’t necessarily better than GENERAL ANAESTHESIA in terms of patient comfort and care. There are a lot of factors to consider.
  • A back room clinic offering ‘awake’ or ‘twilight anaesthesia’ during Breast Augmentation surgery is generally NOT monitored or qualified to the level of Australian private or public hospitals that have general Anaesthesia.
  • Think COMFORT and PATIENT-CARE standards when you’re having an operation. Avoid strip-shopping centres and small clinic back rooms for major procedures.
  • Watch the FOUR CORNERS report into back-room cosmetic industry disasters in Sydney – click here to read differences in types of Breast Augmentation surgeons.

Breast Augmentation Mistake #3: Having the Surgery at the WRONG time of your life or for the wrong reasons.

  • Surgery is serious business. It should never be taken lightly.There are risks.
  • You should NEVER have breast enlargement to try to please anyone other than yourself. It needs to be a very personal and thought-out decision.
  • Remember that you’ll need future surgery as breast implants do not last forever.
  • If you’re having surgery to try to save a relationship or sooth your mind about your body, that’s a sign it might not be the right decision for you.
  • If, however, you’ve done all your research and you understand what is REALISTIC in terms of surgery outcomes – AND You understand that results vary – you may be a good candidate for breast augmentation.
  • But the time of your life you’re having surgery is also important.
  • Resting and recovery is crucial – choose the timing of your operation carefully, and well in advance, so that it’s not likely to be a highly-stressful period of your life
    • Don’t have surgery too close to a major event or exam
    • If you’re planning on having children, or already have young children, consider your timing
    • Make sure there’s enough healing and recovery time before a big event such as a wedding
    • Make sure you have adequate social support and at-home support during your initial healing stages

Breast Augmentation Mistake #4: Combining an overseas holiday with breast augmentation by an unknown doctor in a place you can’t even safely-drink the water.

  • The dangers of medical tourism must be taken into account.
  • First, you need to know if the breast implants being inserted into your body are of high quality and Australian standards (e.g., are they to the Mentor or Motiva quality of implants, or some cheap unproven brand – and how do you know)?
  • Also, who’s operating on you and inserting them?
  • There are many dangers in using unknown Surgeons or Surgeons who don’t speak the same language as you do – because communication is crucial in explaining what you’re wanting and in understanding the surgery and risks and actual costs.
  • Also, overseas, there’s a chance you won’t get to meet your Surgeon until JUST BEFORE your operation after you’ve signed consents (or even after the surgery), meaning you may not know WHO’S actually operating on you – and what their real training, experience or qualifications comprise.
  • Often cheap surgery or overseas surgery may be provided because the group is using Surgeons who are either just learning (as in the Four Corners report) or not monitored – they are likely not customising the surgery, either, and you could end up with a disastrous result.
  • And you’re thinking – holiday – rest, fun and sun! But this is an OPERATION – it’s serious stuff.
  • Sun exposure on fresh incision lines is a definite NO NO in terms of ending up with very visible scars.
  • You WON’T be able to get your fresh incision lines wet in the pool or sauna – definitely a NO NO and increases all kinds of infection risks and post-op complications.
  • And your infection control and DVT risks (flying too soon after surgery) all need to be taken into account.
  • If you can’t DRINK the water due to bacteria levels, or other factors – how on earth can you keep your INCISION lines safely cleansed?

Download Our 7 Steps to  Cosmetic Surgery Guide

Read the article below for more information on overseas risks and botched breast procedures.

How to Avoid Botched Cosmetic Surgery: 7 Timely Tips

Breast Augmentation Mistake #5: Not understanding VARIABILITY of surgery results between patients AND having UNREALISTIC expectations about your post-operation results; not understanding that weight changes and skin ageing over time will impact your surgery result appearance.

  • Satisfaction with breast augmentation revolves around many factors – but most of all, it involves your EXPECTATIONS.
  • No result is perfect and no two human bodies are the same.
  • A Surgeon may strive for excellence, but perfection of results is never an option because perfection is impossible (aim for satisfactory improvements in shape, size and balance – but not perfection).
  • Every patient is unique and all surgery results vary significantly.
  • What you start with DOES impact your results.  If you have uneven nipples or breasts before surgery, you’ll probably have them AFTER Surgery.
  • If you really need a lift along with implants, but get implants on their own, you may not like your results in 2 to 5 years’ time – ask your Surgeon for advice.

Body changes and body fat levels, future pregnancy and more.

  • Your BMI (Body weight/height), skin resiliency, breast skin ptosis, asymmetry of your breasts or nipples, your chest width, the distance between your nipples, and many other body proportions and physique measurements ALL impact on your final result.
  • Having larger breasts or more aesthetically appealing cleavage or side boob might HELP with body comfort and confidence, but surgery is NOT guaranteed to change your life or improve your confidence or self-esteem or body-esteem (although in online forums, many women report satisfaction with augmentation surgery in ‘worth it’ ratings).

What if you get a result you’re not happy with? Is it worth a REDO?

As the saying goes, it’s best to get the results you’re looking for the first time. That’s why we believe patients should see a genuine FRACS Plastic Surgeons who has expertise and decades of experience in breast augmentation RATHER than choosing a junior surgeon or less-trained cosmetic physician for such an important surgery procedure.

Call us for a consultation and information or a second opinion and find out why prices vary between breast augmentation surgeons. Do your homework!

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