Global Company Brillio Reveals How Digital Tech Can Drive Sustainability

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Global Company Brillio Reveals How Digital Tech Can Drive Sustainability

Global organizations are raising the bar for vendors to report on and comply with Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) standards, including updating operations to be more sustainable. International digital technology company Brillio specializes in the end-to-end technology solutions that enterprises are increasingly interested in. As companies and organizations look towards digital technology to decrease their carbon footprint and help them reach sustainability milestones, companies like Brillio are by their side.

At Brillio, they know that sustainability requires a full-scale evaluation of an organization's impact and policies, current operations, including infrastructure, software and architecture, data, and usage behavior to find new ways of reducing waste while making each step more efficient and user-friendly.

"Designing and implementing effective digital solutions requires understanding the organizational impact and policies and taking a holistic view of their IT ecosystem, including the applications, infrastructure, data, and usage patterns," says Chander Damodaran, Brillio Global CTO. According to Damodaran, it also means comprehending the company's core business philosophies to ensure that any solution is carefully tailored to their specific requirements.

Today, most enterprises have their IT ecosystem across a hybrid estate that combines data centers and the cloud. Implementing digital technologies to further sustainability goals shifts the focus to energy reduction and increased efficiency across all parts of the workflow. This includes minimizing required resources and maximizing resources already provisioned. Most cloud providers support hybrid workloads and offer various options for enterprises to calibrate sustainability goals from managed offerings connected to industry-leading commercial solutions to bespoke applications.

Digital solutions produced by companies like Brillio inherently reduce complexity and redundancy while making it easier for companies to adhere to sustainable practices and be held accountable by stakeholders and customers. The current macroeconomic conditions have forced companies to embrace spartan measures. With climate change at the forefront of global discussions and summits, sustainable technology has a prominent role in reducing emissions, making organizations resilient and nimble. Companies should prioritize long-lasting, eco-friendly solutions that optimize operations without compromising performance or revenue.

Not only do digital technology solutions create more incentives for younger employees who are deeply concerned about climate change, but they also optimize workflows and reduce the administrative burden for employees. Bolstering ESG goals and sustainability attracts investors increasingly interested in firms committed to meeting environmental goals.

According to a 2022 Gartner survey, 80% of CEOs cited ecological sustainability as the motivation behind investment in new or improved products for the next two years. This puts sustainability as the third most important driver of product investment after functional performance and general quality.

According to Damodaran, "Enterprises are looking for a digital transformation that is resilient, speed to value, and optimized cost to serve. Technologies like Cloud, AI, Digital Twin, and IOT are building blocks when combined with the right organizational strategies, can help an enterprise become digital native, nimbler, and sustainable."

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