MedeAnalytics and HSBlox Partner to Provide the First End-to-End Platform to Power Value-Based Care Success via a Single Solution

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MedeAnalytics and HSBlox Partner to Provide the First End-to-End Platform to Power Value-Based Care Success via a Single SolutionExclusive partnership provides a complete, end-to-end value-based care delivery, payment model and advanced analytics solution for payers, providers, payviders and large employers to improve quality, cost control, health equity, patient/member satisfaction, and more

MedeAnalytics and HSBlox Partner to Provide the First End-to-End Platform to Power Value-Based Care Success via a Single Solution
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MedeAnalytics, a healthcare analytics software-as-a-service (SaaS) leader enabling clinical, financial and operational analytics for healthcare providers, payers, payviders, employers, and other key stakeholders in the ecosystem, announced today an exclusive strategic partnership with HSBlox, a leading technology platform for value-based care contract management and administration that operationalizes complex contracts, enables transparency, and simplifies communication between stakeholders. This partnership combines best-in-class, outcomes-based analytics with contract and financial administration into one powerful platform, providing an end-to-end value-based care solution purpose-built to meet all needs of healthcare organizations in successfully moving to more value-based care programs and whole-person healthcare. When coupled with the MedeAnalytics Managed ActionTM ecosystem and strategic consulting services, the combined platforms and partnership will represent the industry’s most complete value-based care management solution.

The Health Care Payment & Learning Action Network survey of health plan executives showed two-sided risk contracts expanded 24.5% over the previous year. Transitioning from fee-for-service to Alternative Payment Models (APMs), especially risk-based APMs, is a daunting challenge for both providers and payers as it can be difficult to operationalize and scale across multiple contracts and payment models. Data sharing continues to be a pain point. Being able to share timely data with proactive and actionable insights is an imperative for accountable care with failure often leading to fines, penalties, and an inability to achieve reimbursement targets.

"As healthcare organizations expand the number of value-based care contracts and alternative payment models they support, they need a scalable solution that’s low-lift and provides actionable insights," said Rahul Sharma, CEO of HSBlox. "That's why this partnership is powerful. The MedeAnalytics customer base represents the broadest reach of value-based care stakeholders in the industry supporting providers, managed care organizations, commercial payers and brokers, and this combined solution will provide a level of support unmatched in the industry. The scalability and flexibility of our platform combined with MedeAnalytics can support all the nuanced needs associated with successful programs."

By seamlessly integrating into the MedeAnalytics end-to-end platform, providers, health plans and employers can engage in a single solution and extend into payment modeling and facilitation. This means customers will be uniquely enabled to surface insights, prioritize action, and measure impact in the most efficient environment available in the industry. As one example, organizations can leverage historical utilization patterns and performance to identify and model different types of value-based care programs and payment models. With this increased visibility and data integration, MedeAnalytics can deliver insights and recommendations that are suitable for a particular program, model out the contract terms, and operationalize that contract to improve the quality of care and performance while keeping costs down and complying with regulations.

"Value-based care represents a better future for healthcare, but without smart solutions using cutting-edge innovation like our data fabric, augmented analytics, and best-in-industry data interoperability, organizations will continue to struggle with the multiple, often disconnected platforms and blending, prepping and normalizing data between systems," said Steve Grieco, CEO of MedeAnalytics. "By integrating the HSBlox platform into our ecosystem, organizations will not only gain complete visibility into their APM performance, but also, they will have our industry-leading Managed Action ecosystem infrastructure to ensure all activities supporting value-based care transformation are coordinated and aligned with the most important outcomes. This advancement will maximize value-based care performance and provide better patient outcomes at a lower cost of care delivery."

If you’d like to learn more about this exclusive partnership and how it can propel and scale healthcare organizations into value-based care, please reach out. We also offer strategic consulting services through MedeConsulting. Schedule a complimentary discovery call with our experts to uncover potential impact. 


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HSBlox empowers healthcare organizations with the tools and support to manage value-based programs successfully and sustainably. Our platform provides end-to-end administration, simplifies communication between stakeholders, and operationalizes complex contracts for the full range of reimbursement models. Wherever you are on your value-based journey, we’ll meet you there with smart, secure, scalable solutions. To learn more, browse our website and visit our LinkedIn page.

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Health - Purple Foxy Ladies originally published at Health - Purple Foxy Ladies