Side Boob After Breast Augmentation – will you have it or won’t you?


Side Boob after breast augmentation is something some women want to attain by having breast augmentation procedures to increase their breast size and cleavage projection. If you’re investigating breast augmentation procedures, breast implant sizes and implant placement decisions – and potential side boob cleavage is important to you – be sure to ask your Surgeon for a professional assessment of whether or not you’ll have side boob after your breast augmentation.

Because not everyone will end up with side boob after getting breast implants. It is a factor that depends a LOT on what you’re starting with, not just what you’re choosing in terms of breast implant sizes or placement options.

Key factors to whether or not you will have side boob volume (visible side breast cleavage) includes:

  • how apart your nipples are from each other
  • where they are located on the chest wall
  • where your breast base is and the width of the breast base
  • dimensions and placement of your natural breast crease (inframmary fold)
  • where your breasts sit on your upper torso and chest area
  • chest width/upper torso girth and even, in some cases, height
  • your body weight and natural breast skin and degree of ptosis or sagging (if you have that and are seeking a breast implant instead of a breast lift).

So what is side boob, anyway? And why is it so popular in social media posts by celebrities and influencers?

  • Side boob is generally a term that means a glimpse of the side of the breasts in certain clothing or swimwear.
  • It’s essentially cleavage and breast projection, from the side.
  • Side boob – as a description – usually means that side part of your breast(s) that sits beyond the front of your body, towards the side curve of your upper torso near where your upper arms are.

If you have adequate breast volume for side boob (including very large breasts) AND your breast base is wide enough, you can generally feel the outer sides of your breasts – side boob – against your upper arms or triceps, when your upper arms are by your side.

Side boob cleavage can be incredibly sexy if well-intentioned. It’s a bit of a sexy celebrity phenomenon thanks to images on Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Snapchat and other social media.

  • But not everyone HAS that kind of breast cleavage or breast volume.
  • And NOT everyone WILL have that type of outer-breast projection after having an augmentation to the breasts using implants.
  • Every patient is unique and your ability to gain side boob as well as larger breast volume IS dependent on your existing physique, skin condition, nipple location/breast width and breast distance – and other complex interactive measurements.

So what determines your side boob or visible side-breast cleavage options when you get a breast augmentation?

It’s basically all about what you’re starting with – yes, that’s right – measurements.

Side boob is a factor of existing anatomy and breast volume. Your nipple locations and breast base width are crucial factors.

Find out for sure if you’ll have side boob – or not – after an augmentation by consulting with a Plastic Surgeon with expertise in custom cleavage shaping for the breasts, including mini breast augmentations and glamorous breast augmentations.

Side boob after breast augmentation surgery, may involve these interactive physique and skin dimensions:

  • the size of the implant you’ve chosen, and how your skin handles the added volume in the breast area
  • existing glandular tissues and other aspects of your particular breast anatomy
  • your torso length and chest width (your upper body girth)
  • your breast base (breast base width)
  • the distance between your sternal notch and nipples
  • the distance between your left and right breasts and your left and right nipples
  • whether you’ve had prior breast surgery or previous implants
  • your skin health
  • your skin strength (firmness vs laxity)
  • where the breast pocket is made
  • which breast implant placement option is used (over or under the muscle or dual plane and other specifics)

Side Boobs on Youtube – a glimpse at what ‘side boob’ really means – and how celebrities flaunt their side-view cleavage in side-breast-revealing fashions.

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