10 Ways to Save Money When Paying for a Wedding

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10 Ways to Save Money When Paying for a Wedding

iQuanti: According to *reports, the average cost of getting married in 2021 was $27,000. If that sounds like more than what you'd like to spend to say your "I do's," there are plenty of ways to curb your expenses and get the funding you need, like taking out a personal loan.  

Here are 10 pro strategies for saving money when paying for a wedding. 

1. Set a budget  

First things first, have a conversation with your fiancée about how much you're comfortable spending. Use this number to establish boundaries for each of the main categories, such as the venue, food, dress, etc. Couples who do this exercise upfront will be far more successful at sticking to their budget and not overspending. 

2. Schedule an off-peak wedding  

While everyone else may pay more for a summer wedding or a date close to Valentine's Day, try saving some money by going with months that are generally slower, such as December or January. Also, being open to days other than Saturday may lead to even better rates. 

3. Keep the guest list intimate 

You might love your family and friends, but the simple truth is that the more people you invite, the more mouths there will be to feed. Instead, keep the guest list shorter by focusing on the people who matter the most. 

4. Make your own invitations 

Elaborate wedding invitations are nice, but they can be very pricey and often quickly forgotten. For this reason, consider printing your own. There are dozens of reputable websites with beautiful templates you can use. Or, if you'd really like to be frugal, send out your invitations electronically and skip this expense altogether. 

5. Serve food buffet style 

It costs a lot for wedding venues to provide waitstaff when food is served individually to the guests. Instead, consider going with a buffet-style option where guests can serve themselves. The food is often comparable, and guests can choose what they'd like to eat. 

6. Reduce the drink options at the bar 

Open bars are a cash cow for wedding venues because they charge for every drop of liquor consumed. To tame this expense, limit the bar options to just a few select types. You could even have some fun with this by asking them to have a "featured drink" named after you. 

7. Swap cake for another dessert 

Wedding cakes may be traditional, but they're not always the more affordable option. Look into having another more fun dessert such as cupcakes, cookies, brownies, etc. 

8. Schedule your honeymoon for a later date 

You may wish to go on your honeymoon in the days following your wedding. But that might not always be the most economical time to go. Being open to alternate days could save you thousands of dollars on your flights and hotel accommodations. 

9. Apply for a loan instead of using a credit card 

If you don't have enough money to pay for your expenses outright, avoid using a credit card, where high-interest debt will accumulate if the balance isn't paid in full and on time. Instead, consider applying for a personal loan featuring a more reasonable interest rate especially if you're a creditworthy applicant. 

10. Don't sweat the small stuff 

It's perfectly natural to want everything at your wedding to be perfect. But don't feel like you must spend unnecessary amounts of money to make it a reality. Even if the flower arrangements have 12 stems instead of 24, or the dress came off the rack, you're still going to get married to the person you love and create a lifetime of beautiful memories. 

* https://www.fool.com/the-ascent/personal-finance/articles/this-is-the-average-cost-of-a-wedding-in-2022/#:~:text=2022%20wedding%20price%20tag,on%20par%20with%202021%20costs. 

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