Google Images adds creator and credit metadata to photos


This week, Google revealed a new collaboration with IPTC and CEPIC that brings image rights metadata to Google Images. The new “Image credits” inclusion is found by tapping the triple-dot menu icon directly beneath an image located on Google Images. When selected, Google presents both image credit and image creator metadata.

The company notes that it has historically been difficult to locate creator and copyright information for online images. Google’s new image credits data helps address that problem, and in “coming weeks” it will also add metadata related to image copyrights.

The information’s inclusion depends on the availability of metadata, though, leading to another announcement: Google will work with IPTC and CEPIC to improve guidelines advising photographers, photo agencies, and more on how to include relevant metadata with their images.

PhotoShelter CEO Andrew Fingerman provided Google with a statement on the importance of this new feature, saying:

Employing IPTC metadata standards in Google Images results will help ensure proper attribution of credit and support photographers’ copyright, while also boosting the discoverability of content and creators. This is a win for the professional photo community.

Via: Engadget