The Millionaire Lifestyle of Tristan Thompson

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Always wanted to know more about Tristan Thompson, Tristan Thompson and Jordyn Woods?

Here are some interesting facts about Tristan Thompson:

1. He met Khloe Kardashian through a friend – Some friends care about seeing us happy and will move heaven and earth to make it happen. According to for Khloe, the friend who observed how good she is and wanted to introduce her to someone was her friend Brandon Jennings. Brandon wanted to set Khloe up on a blind date with Tristan but Khloe was not up for it so while she was having dinner with a bunch of people at the Bel —Air Hotel, Brandon brought Tristan along and the rest, as they say, is history.

2. His net worth is $35 million – Celebrity Net Worth estimates Tristan’s net worth at $35 million. While dating Khloe has put Tristan in the limelight, he is a high-flying figure in the NBA world which is the player’s primary source of wealth. He earned $15 million alone from the 2016-17 season playing for the Cleveland Cavaliers. Before 2015, his net worth stood at $8 million since with his previous contract he was only making between $4 and $5 million per year.

3. He joined the University of Texas and played college football for the Texas Longhorns. He won the team’s Most Valuable Player award for his performance. He won multiple other honors as well. Though he had initially planned to play for the team in his sophomore season, he later changed his mind and declared himself for the NBA draft. He was drafted as the fourth overall pick in the 2011 NBA draft. This made him the highest drafted Canadian born player in history.

4. He made his professional debut in a match against his hometown team Toronto Raptors. In just seventeen minutes, he scored 12 points and 5 rebounds. His performance grew better in the next few games. He finished the season with averages of 8.2 points and 6.5 rebounds. He also became the first ever Canadian to earn All-Rookie Team Honors in the NBA.

5. In December 2016, he became the first player in the history of the franchise to play in 400 games consecutively. Though his team reached the NBA finals for the third time, they were eventually beaten by the Golden State Warriors.

6. His contract with the Cleveland Cavaliers is worth $82 million – On October 22, 2015, Tristan Thompson signed a five year deal with the Cleveland Cavaliers in which he will receive $82 million through 2020. According to Spotrac, the $82 million is guaranteed with the annual salary averaging $16,400,000. However, the amount he gets keeps on increasing since, in 2015-16, he received the base salary of $14, 260,870 and during the 2019-20 season, he is expected to receive $18, 539,130.

7. Kris Jenner forced him to sign a 10-million dollar contract – Kris Jenner has been through a lot with her daughters as Your Tango reports, and she wants to make sure none of them go through life’s hurdles alone. It is, therefore, no surprise that when Tristan cheated on Khloe, she allegedly forced him to sign a contract worth $10 million that prevents him from being unfaithful to Khloe. Further, if he disregards the agreement and cheats on Khloe gain, the deal has a clause that will make him pay an additional $10 million into his daughter’s account.

8. He is a serial cheater – Men have always defended their philandering behavior with “we were born to be polygamous,” but that has never stood well with women. Tristan seems like he can never have one woman at a time and he is not sorry for putting his partners through the never-ending cheating scandals. According to Hollywood Gossip, Tristan cheated on Khloe while she was pregnant and even after giving birth but Khloe, trying to make sure her daughter has a normal family, forgave Tristan thinking he would change.





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