WiOn 50055 Indoor Wi-Fi Plug-In USB Wall Tap, 1 Grounded Outlet, 2 USB Ports

WiOn 50055 Indoor Wi-Fi Plug-In USB Wall Tap, 1 Grounded Outlet, 2 USB Ports
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Control outdoor electrical devices from anywhere – using your smartphone with no hub required.
Great for indoor lighting and electronics to deliver convenience and ease when charging electronics.
Monitors energy usage.
Up to 12 On/Off settings per day, including countdown, random/vacation, and sunrise/sunset schedules.
Schedule daily, weekday, or weekend schedules.
125Vac, 60Hz, 1000W Tungsten, 15A Resistive, 15A General Use, 1/2Hp, 500VA Electronic Ballast, 8.3A Ballast.
Control electrical devices from anywhere, using your smartphone or tablet.
Monitor energy usage and costs at anytime.
Includes 2 USB charging ports.
Expand your WiOn system by simply adding up to 12 smart switches.
Programming options include – multiple on/off settings, countdown, random vacation, and sunrise/sunset schedules.
Affordable home automation – works with your existing Wi-Fi router and free WiOn app.
Manage computers, gaming consoles, entertainment centers or any device that can be powered off when not in use for energy savings.

Top reviews from the United States.
Works Pretty Good and an excellent price.

I bought this years ago and was able to do the setup without issues. It worked fine. Every once in a while will have an issue with the app but seems like they have been doing some improvements on it. A couple of weeks ago got a new router so had to reconnect this and my other WiOn switches. Was not able to connect them to my Wifi at the time. It looked like they were not supported anymore so I unplugged them. Today was looking online and decided to give them a try. They connected pretty easy. Actually the setup was much easier than what I recall originally. Not sure what has changed from a month ago to today. The app seems to be working better than before. It worked so well that I went ahead and bought a couple more since they are a lot cheaper now than when I originally bought them back in 2016.