Penguin Random House’s Internship Program

Penguin Random House’s Internship Program is not just for college students, so you don’t need a degree to apply. Annysa Polanco, Manager, Diversity & Inclusion at Penguin Random House talks about how the company gets new interns Summer, Spring and Fall. During Spring and Fall, interns work about 14 hours a week, so if you’re in school or have another job you can do it part-time. Over the summer, the program is 28 hours a week. Annysa emphasizes how the company tries to be flexible for folks who are transitioning or are out of college. Moreover, for some entry-level positions, you don’t even need a bachelor’s degree. If you’re hired, the company will pay for your degree. “We’re trying to support people coming in from all walks of life to be successful in the industry,” adds Annysa.

This news story originally appeared at Books - RSV News on14 October 2022