SACRED MOUNDS Thriller Fantasy by JIM METZNER Releases 30 April (PHiR Publishing)

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"From each of their right palms shone a golden eye suffused with filaments of light.”  - From SACRED MOUNDS

“From each of their right palms shone a golden eye suffused with filaments of light.” – From SACRED MOUNDS



“Amazing…fresh and vivid. Metzner is an extravagantly imaginative writer.” (ORSON SCOTT CARD, author of Ender’s Game)

A rollicking, thought-provoking, rollercoaster of a novel. It’s time traveling on steroids, but it asks big questions. Bravo.”


SAN ANTONIO, TX, USA, March 31, 2022/ — From PHiR Publishing

**FINALIST** 2022 Screencraft Cinematic Book Competition

SACRED MOUNDS introduces us to Salvador Samuels, an ordinary man from our time who finds himself swept back to the pre-colonial era inhabiting the body of a blind First Nation song carrier, with no clue as to why or how he got there. In our time, the song carrier is pulling the strings inside Salvador’s body. His mission is to save our world by helping us rediscover the crucial role human beings are meant to embody. Both men become allied with and ultimately rescued by a pair of remarkable women.

SACRED MOUNDS paints a historically accurate picture of the Natchez Indians, the last tribe known to occupy the ancient earthworks which once proliferated across our landscape. The novel is the result of years of research into the extraordinary civilization of the Natchez and the enigmatic mounds. Its foreword is written by the Principal Chief of the Natchez Nation.

Those of us who have read fantasy thrillers often feel cheated at the end when, by finding some magical talisman and either destroying or returning the item to its proper place, the balance of the world is somehow restored. By contrast, Metzner weaves a story that is both plausible and tangible, yet no less mysterious and riveting.

SACRED MOUNDS is available for PRE-ORDER NOW and will be released by PHiR Publishing on 30 April 2022 via Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million, Target, Walmart, Apple Books, Google Play,, and at local bookstores across the country. Also available on audiobook, distributed by Skyboat Media / Blackstone. Visit for samples and additional reviews.

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“Jim Metzner can really spin a yarn. This story is filled with historical reality as well as spectacular descriptions of what could be. Jump into this book… The adventure is yours!”

— Hutke Fields, Principal Chief of the Natchez Nation

“A great read, with Metzner’s usual deep insights into the amazing workings of the natural world seeping into you while you are caught up in the flow. Enjoy!”

— Robert Thurman, President, Tibet House US

“A rich, complex and historically accurate tale of supernatural heroism. The novel folds ancient traditional wisdom into the seams of its story…mingling times and cultures with ease and aplomb. The book is hard to put down and left this reader hoping for a sequel.”

— Lee Van Laer, Senior Editor, Parabola Magazine

“A witty, inventive historical fantasy that seduces with twists and turns accompanied by lively streetwise, contemporary dialogue. It will keep you magnetically amused right up to the surprise ending.”

— Jaune Quick-To-See Smith, Member, Confederated Salish and Kootenai Nation, MT

“Readers who look for action-centered fiction that drives its characters to reconsider the realities of their world will find much to like in Sacred Mounds…Highly recommended for fans of Tony Hillerman, Dan Brown, and other fiction that walks the line between metaphysical and real-world experience.”

— Midwest Book Review

“The mysteries of the universe are peeled back one chapter at a time in a story that will keep readers spellbound until the final page. This is novel writing at its best. 5 stars.”

— Ray Hosler, Readers’ Favorite

“The tribe’s descent from late prehistoric mound builders connects the Natchez people to one of North America’s most intriguing puzzles. Archaeologists know how the earthworks were built, but excavations cannot reveal what these monuments meant to the native people who built them. With Sacred Mounds, Metzner embraces the mystery to weave a story across time and cultural boundaries.”

— Jim Barnett, author of The Natchez Indians: A History to 1735

“If you know Jim Metzner from his radio broadcasts, you know his voice, gently and expertly introducing you to a sound you’ve heard before but not quite in the way he reveals it to you, to a new place, or a place you’ve been to many times but of which you never really took notice, or to an exotic insect, or an amazing unfamiliar culture halfway around the world. Jim’s voice, this time on the page and not the radio, does all of these things and more in this wondrous novel, a tale of time travel via a clever trick of metempsychosis, a revelation of the palimpsests of indigenous cultures long-vanished but surviving on the margins of contemporary America, and the vital spiritual connections between the grave challenges facing the world today and the challenges faced by Native Americans, who most non-native people assume have disappeared long ago, in their horrific encounters with Europeans. The arc of the story rests on voices, and the memory of voices, voices heard and unheard, describing the everyday magical details of two worlds, worlds that are in collision but that nevertheless need one another in order to avert a catastrophe both ancient and of the moment. This is a novel of a special kind of remembrance you are likely never to forget.”

— Randolph R. Cornelius, PhD, Professor of Psychological Science, Vassar College

“Sometimes it takes a whirlwind to pull us into the center of ourselves. Jim Metzner has created two such tornados in different timeframes and two protagonists who must lose their identities in order to find them. A Natchez Indian from the distant past and a modern New Yorker are compelled to switch more that their bodies—a striking metaphor for humanity’s ongoing schism with itself… This immensely entertaining book … explores the human psyche in ways reminiscent of Huxley and sparkles with satire that brings Vonnegut to mind. I highly recommend taking the ride.”

— Joyce Yarrow, author Ask the Dead, Sandstorm and Zahara and the Lost Books of Light

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