Just Add Cheer: Decorating Your Pine Wreath


Are you looking to add a fresh and festive touch to your home? We love the warmth that an ornate wreath can bring to a space, but finding the perfect design to compliment your holiday style is sometimes easier said than done. Fortunately, with a store-bought wreath and a little imagination, you can create a chic custom arrangement to show off your yuletide flair. Follow along with Jen Harmatz as she transforms a basic wreath to a festive statement piece.

ChoosE Your Wreath.

To ensure that your adornment stands the test of time, opt for a wreath that looks as green as possible and snap a few needles to check its freshness. If they feel brittle between your fingers and snap too easily, your wreath will have a harder time supporting your additions and will be more likely to shed needles. It also is important to make sure the size will achieve the right look on your door. Too small of a wreath can get lost in the scheme of things, while a massive wreath can overwhelm your entryway.

MakE it Your Own.

When you get your wreath home, take a look at its shape and structure as you decide exactly what your theme should be.

Get creative! Sometimes I make my own decorations – like getting pine cones and covering them in glitter or panting them. I also enjoy using a variety of different decorations that I find at local craft stores.

Intertwine battery operated LED lights throughout the branches to give your creation a festive glow – I prefer the warm variety over the cool blue lights. Secure the battery pack safely out of sight using some florist wire.

Once you have a theme in mind and the lights in place, lay everything out before attaching anything. That way you can rearrange your design, making changes or additions where needed. If you want help remembering your arrangement, you may want to snap a photo on your phone to refer back to.

Use florist wire to secure your different elements into place. Do your best to get a secure hold while keeping the wire hidden, and use very sharp scissors or cutting pliers to handle the wire. 

Start adding the elements you have chosen, referring to your photo as needed.

Care for Your Creation.

To help your creation last, mist your wreath with water daily and display your wreath away from of direct sunlight and other heat sources. You can expect your fresh trimmings to last indoors for about two weeks and even longer outdoors in cooler climates. We love these tips from Martha Stewart to care for your greenery!

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