15 Best Photoshop Templates for Creative Photo Effects and Quick Picture Styles


Photoshop templates are a quick and easy way to give your photograph professional, creative effects with just a few clicks. With a template, you don’t need to do much: open up the file, swap out the placeholder artwork with your own, adjust to your tastes, and done!

Here, we’ll look at some of our favourites from Envato Market.

1. Duotone Photo Effect

Simply paste your image inside the smart object and pick a colour to create your unique, duotone image effect.

Duotone Photo Effect

2. Dark Paint Effect

Give your photographs a cool, artistic look with this template. Great for low-key portraits.

Dark Paint Effect Photo Frame

3. Mixed Media Photo Template

This PSD creates an image that looks complex but it’s actually simple to use. The graphics are highly editable too, so it’s easy to adjust the look to suit your tastes.

4. Impressionist Canvas Painting Template

Create a cool, impressionist painting from your image with this download. Simply paste your photograph inside the smart object to get started.

Impressionist Canvas – Painting Template

5. Comic Book Creation Kit Black & White

With ten page layouts, 40 shape bubbles/banners and 12 comic book sound effects, you’ll soon be giving Marvel and DC a run for their money.

Comic Book Creation Kit Black & White

6. Disturb: Intense Distortion Effect Photo Template

Disturb creates a cool distortion effect using vertical lines. Select your colours, show or hide effects to suit and simply brush over to remove distortion where it’s not required.

Disturb – Intense Distortion Effect Photo Template

7. Fire Effect Photo Template

No dracarys required, add a burning effect to portraits with the Fire Effect Photo Template. Just paste your image into the smart object to get started and create a photo that’s, well… lit.

Fire Effect Photo Template

8. Misty Photo Effect Template

With six colour options, the Misty Photo Effect Template will give you a high quality, flexible, soft misty look to your images. You can mix colour choices to create even more options, too.

Misty Photo Effect Template

 9. Color Double Exposure Photoshop Photo Template

Combine your images, apply a black and white filter from the provided folders and choose between 28 pre-selected colours: it’s as simple as that to create beautiful duotone composite photos.

Color – Double Exposure Photoshop Photo Template

10. Glitch Photoshop Photo Template

Reminiscent of old videotape, Glitch is a great way to achieve an unusual look for your photographs.

Glitch Photoshop Photo Template

11. Dream Photo Template V3

Give your images a funky, futuristic effect with the Dream Photo Template. With two effects, the template is simple and quick to use.

Dream Photo Template V3

12. Retro Comic Pack

A fun and easy way to transform your photographs into an 80’s comic-book style.Use the layout pack provided or experiment with running the action on its own for more flexibility.

Retro Comic Pack

13. Infrared Photo Effect Template

No need to have your camera’s sensor altered, quickly transform normal photos so that they have the distinctive look of infrared film with this template instead.

14. Grunge Glitch Photo Effect

This glitchy, grungy template has 21 effects, ten textures, and seven color options, so there’s almost no end to the cool looks you can make. Check out the side-to-side glitch option, it’s reminiscent of old VHS or sketchy surveillance video.

15. Vintage Landscape Poster Effect Template

Last on our list: a funky effect to transform photos into a lo-fi, pastel-y poster look. Works best with landscapes, but try it with portraits, too!

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