Busting Myths About the Millionaire Lifestyle!

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So you want to live like a millionaire? Find out what it takes and dispel common myths about the millionaire lifestyle!

Thanks to TV shows, movies, and celebrity news, many consumers grow up dreaming of becoming a millionaire with its promise of living in mansions, driving luxury cars, and spending hours on end poolside or courtside.

* How accurate is this belief about America’s millionaires?
* What does it mean to be a millionaire? Is it an income? A lifestyle? Something else?
* How do millionaires typically become millionaires? Is it all luck, family background, or something else?
* What do millionaires do with their time?
* What types of vehicles do millionaires drive?

Join author and financial educator, Todd Christensen, of Money Fit by DRS for this insightful and fascinating look at the real millionaires of America?

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Lifestyle - Trend Magazine originally published at Lifestyle - Trend Magazine