ROCKIN WELLNESS CoFounder, Allison Luker’s PODCAST Interview with ECOM ALPHAS about the backstory behind the Vegan brand

Rockin Wellness’ Allison Luker with Nigel Thomas & Maria Ghan of the Ecom Alpha Inbound podcast interview

Seth holding Allison piggyback on his back for a beach Rockin Wellness photoshoot, August 2016

Seth & Allison Luker’s love for each other came through in everything they did. This photo is from August 2016 – just weeks before being diagnosed with stage IV colon cancer for the 3rd time.

Seth Luker and his little boy Nash in a beautiful portrait taken at home

Seth Luker with his son, Nash at 6 years old – March 2018

The heartfelt, inspiring and endearing story behind the creation of the vegan, superfood nutritional shake, Rockin’ Wellness

Seth never let his cancer define him. His determination to make sure he could help others gain strength and health through nutrition, is what gave him strength him everyday”

— Allison Luker

NEW YORK, NY, USA, May 10, 2022 / — Rockin’ Wellness Inc. is one of the original, leading and top-performing, vegan, superfood, nutritional supplement companies in the United States. Its co-founder and partner, Allison Luker has been given the privilege, in her very 1st podcast interview, to share her story about the origins of Rockin’ Wellness with the Alpha Inbound Ecom podcast team.

She opens up with raw emotion about the humble beginnings of Rockin’ Wellness, created by her late husband Seth Luker. Allison shares her story of the ups and downs, and everything in-between of starting this vegan, superfood, protein shake and smoothie mix company. The motivation behind this creation was for the purpose of providing Seth with optimum nutrition while going through chemotherapy, for his battle with stage IV colon cancer. The original chocolate cacao shake mix recipe was formulated in the Luker kitchen in 2009 and officially incorporated in 2011. Rockin Wellness grew as a top brand in the health and wellness community; Trusted as much for its premium ingredients as well as the incredible passion behind the creation of these products.

The story is endearing, heartfelt and motivating to all that hear it. A true love story, for both each other and Seth’s ultimate life mission. “I never met a man who was more kind, loving, humble and a badass all in one,” said Allison. “Seth never let his cancer define him. His determination to make sure he could help others gain strength and health through nutrition, is what gave him strength him every day”. Seth Luker’s favorite quote was “Keep Moving Forward”. Those three words inspired him to pursue his passion of bringing delicious and nutritious health shakes to the forefront for the thousands and thousands of Rockin’ Wellness customers that drink his creations everyday.

Allison’s story tells about this incredible journey that she refers to as “the adventures of Seth & Ali”. Life kept throwing them curveballs – from Seth’s own fight with cancer, to their son Nash, being born with Rhabdomyosarcoma cancer – and that battle for their newborn sons life. Proving to themselves and others that when you make the choice to make a positive lifestyle change with nutrition, you can alter the path of your life. Allison never gave up despite all that she incurred. Now she is on her own journey to continue moving forward for the sake of her son, herself and for her late husband’s legacy.

Alpha Inbound Marketing was started as a creative new approach to eCommerce as a digital marketing agency. Partners Nigel Thomas and Josh Graham look at things differently than most. For starters, they refer to their clients as partners. And with a successful partnership comes trust, honesty, loyalty and strength. The other main part of their business mission is to get to know and understand the backstories behind the brands they are committed to working for. After hearing some incredible stories, they realized these stories must be told.

The best and most real way they could see this happening was in the world of podcasts. Nigel Thomas and Josh Graham, enlisted Maria Ghan as their Communications Director, and formed the “Ecom Alphas Podcast”. Their mission is to reveal the true stories behind some of the most exciting health and wellness DTC brands. They invite successful DTC (Direct to Consumer) brand owners to share their experiences and tell their stories of what it took to build a brand and business from the ground up.

Today both Allison Luker and the Alpha Inbound Ecom team share an extraordinary commonality in their core businesses… Developing products around a passion and being able to share that passion with the world.

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Rockin’ Wellness – The story behind the brand. Filmed by photographer, Michael Blank

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