The Osmolality Lab Appoints New CEO as Expansion Continues

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The Osmolality Lab Appoints New CEO as Expansion ContinuesNicholas D. Gillitt, PhD, will assume the role of Chief Executive Officer of The Osmolality Lab, a global leader in osmolality testing and certifications.

The Osmolality Lab announced today that Nicholas D. Gillitt, PhD, has been named as Chief Executive Officer. This announcement comes at a time of expansion and growth for the product testing business, which recently established an additional testing laboratory at the North Carolina Research Campus in Kannapolis earlier this year.

Nicholas D. Gillitt, PhD, is a seasoned scientific executive with broad management experience encompassing collaborative research, analytical service provision, and sales/marketing efforts. His experience in human nutrition will be invaluable in understanding how hydration affects us metabolically. One of his key attributes that will be leveraged by The Osmolality Lab in this new role is managing a company's ability to market effectively from a sound, scientific platform.

For over 30 years, Nick has contributed to pushing back the frontiers of science, co-authoring over 60 papers in peer-reviewed scientific journals in the process. Most recently, this effort focused on the field of human nutrition during employment with industry leaders. His experience included serving as Vice President of Nutrition Research for Dole Food Company and managing the Dole Nutrition Institute's research and consumer education efforts. Nick's considerable experience in the application of the nutrition sciences, at both clinical and laboratory bench levels, to the field of customer education will aid The Osmolality Lab's efforts in educating consumers of the importance of osmolality in the hydration products they buy.

"Osmolality is important as it tells us how well a hydration product will work. If you are experiencing dehydration, no matter whether you are a world-class athlete chasing down a record or a kid playing AYSO soccer on a hot day at the weekend, having a 'best in class' hydration option at hand matters," Nick says. "Consumers should be able to make an informed choice at the shelf when considering a hydration product; osmolality certifications allow for this. It's good for the industry and even better for the consumer."

The Osmolality Lab, the global leader in osmolality product testing, was founded in 2018 with the mission “to improve health and safety for all consumers by providing unique services to partners driven to create excellence in their category”. Their team tests and certifies in a variety of industries such as hydration beverages, functional beverages, spring waters, and personal lubricants, skin care, and more to help clients and consumers learn more about how the product performs so they can purchase with confidence. Products that meet The Osmolality Lab's strict testing and evaluation criteria can also be awarded THE OSMOLab CERTIFIEDSM mark to help communicate the commitment to transparency and product quality to consumers.

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