Vintage fashion styles from old Malayalam films that probably your parents could relate to | The Times of India

Ever wondered why your father looks like one of the singers in the Western music band ‘Bee Gees’, with long hippie hair and bellbottom pants, in their old college photo album?. The answer to this question can be directly traced back to the old movie actors’ styles at that time. Styles were so different back then like long fluffy hair, inner red t-shirt inspired from the action star Baby Antony, different choices of saree styles worn by Malayalam actresses like Sheela, Sharada, Sukumari, etc. As there is a famous quote by the American writer Holly Black:” Inspiration comes from everywhere. from life, observing people, etc. from movies and books you love, from research.” These words prove to be true when you look at how well your ancestors got inspiration, especially from movies, and tried to imitate that. So next time when you wonder why your father or mother looks so different in style in their old album, the following sources for their inspiration could be your guide.(Pic Courtesy : Instagram)